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P/SPrice to Sales Ratio (Compare P/E price to earnings ratio in financial circles.)
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P/SParallel to Serial (converter)
P/SPolyunsaturated/Saturated (fatty acid ratio)
P/SPoisson/Superfish (RF cavity accelerator)
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The sunroofs help by letting in sunlight or facilitate ventilation by providing an opening for fresh air to flow in; whereas heated and power seats provide the occupant with the ease of attaining the perfect position and comfort of a pleasant temperature of the seat.
Altogether there are a dozen new technologies for Mercedes cars in the 2007 S-Class, including night vision, Brake Assist Plus with radar sensors, and multi-contour 16-way power seats that mold to your body and provide massage, cooling and heating when desired.
Both the driver and passenger get 10-way power seats.
The Phaeton enjoys some advantages over these competitors (except the Audi): standard all-wheel-drive, 18-way driver's/16-way passenger's heated and ventilated power seats and 43.
Custom lead screws for motion control and actuation in such automotive applications as the positioning of power seats, pedals, multimedia displays, dashboards, sunroots, and window shades are said to offer quiet, vibration-free motion with little or no drag.
Prices range from pounds 22,200 to pounds 27,500 for the short wheelbase Warrior, which has a leather interior, CD/Stereo, 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic transmission and heated power seats as standard, plus the traction control system.
And it's no stripped-out racer either, with air con, leather, power seats, Speedshift automatic box and switchable sports suspension all standard kit.
Automatic climate control, eight-way front power seats, electronic traction control and ventilated anti-lock brakes are also standard.
Stress-reducing features include easy access front and rear side doors and revolving power seats.
They are also found in automotive components such as power seats and sensors.
They're more comfortable, with roomier interiors, air conditioning, power seats, and adjustable steering columns.