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PPPDPoint-To-Point Protocol Daemon
PpPDPylorus Preserving Pancreaticoduodenectomy
PPPDPlant Protection Products Directive
PPPDPilot Production Program Definition
PPPDPer Person Per Day (travel pricing/expenditures)
PPPDPennies to Protect Police Dogs
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Here we report a case of PPPD because of its atypicality and rarity.
10 Palmoplantar lesions of PPPD are close to palmoplantar porokeratosis (PP).
His primary reason for requesting a PPPD is that he has allegedly recurring periods of hypoglycemia whereby his "ability to move or be coherent is severely restricted.
The DOHMH again determined that petitioner did not qualify for a PPPD.
By application dated June 24, 2010, petitioner re-applied for a PPPD on the ground of his type 1 diabetes.
By letter dated September 14, 2010, DOT informed petitioner of its denial of his second PPPD application.
The Charter grants the commissioner of the DOT authority to issue a PPPD to a
The regulations require an applicant for a PPPD to be examined by a doctor designated by DOHMH to perform examinations for PPPDs.
In the previously discussed serial rape case, the PPPD contacted the GBI because they noted common characteristics in rapes in Wisconsin and Georgia.
In spite of exhaustive investigate efforts, neither the GBI, PPPD, DNA testing, nor the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) were able to identify a suspect for these serial crimes.
The Shadow software is also used to monitor the PPPD machines installed by the phone company in Asia.
The PPPDs are compact machines which dispense two denominations of phone cards or smart cards.