PrPMCProcessor PCI Mezzanine Card
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The PMC sites have flexible onboard inter-connectivity and configuration (Monarch and non-Mo narch) capability, which means OEMs can develop a variety of AdvancedTCA modules using standard off-the-shelf PMCs and PrPMCs.
PrPMC technology has a number of characteristics that make it extremely attractive in a deeply embedded medical device.
The EPC-6320 and EPC-6321 are 74mm x 149mm, complying with the streamlined PrPMC standard form factor.
The PSL09 PrPMC is ideal for new or upgraded embedded applications that need a Windows XP graphical user interface like I/O management, data management or packet processing applications.
2 interface for 64- bit / 66 MHz I/O Card where as the Reference Design Kit based on the IXP2800 is designed to serve as a PrPMC (Processor PCI Mezzanine Card) platform and is compliant with VME-Bus International Trade Association (VITA) 32 Standard.
Using the SBS Palomar 1000 DFX with two processors per PrPMC, Blade Runner 500 can manage up to four CPUs.
16 platform, a dual processor PrPMC based on the Intel(R) IXC1100 control plane processor and a fully integrated PICMG 2.
In support of its growing customer base in edge and enterprise-level communications systems, SBS Technologies(R) (Nasdaq: SBSE) today introduced its most flexible and affordable PrPMC board to date.
In this configuration each PrPMC runs the HSS SIP server and comes complete with gigabit Ethernet connectivity with a switch on the server blade, which connects into the ATCA Ethernet base fabric.
For example, when installed in a Monarch (master) PrPMC socket, the EPC-6315 enumerates the PCI bus and services interrupts from this bus.
Incorporating a dual-mode PCI-to-PCI bridge, the 82600 provides the unique capability to become either a system controller or a peripheral processor in CompactPCI systems or to support Monarch and non-Monarch configurations for a PrPMC (processor PCI mezzanine card) application.