Pre-DCPredendritic Cell
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Means and standard deviations for observer ratings, pre-DC and post-DC self-ratings by participant gender
81 Pre-DC self-ratings Males Females Dimension M SD M SD Customer Focus 4.
Table 5 shows the correlation between self- and observer ratings for both males and females, pre- and post-DC; again, the influence of pre-DC self-ratings is partialled out from the post-DC correlations.
Males Pre-DC Post-DC Dimension self-ratings self-ratings Customer Focus .
Pre-DC self-esteem positively correlated with self-ratings on nine of the 10 dimensions (see Table 7), supporting the hypothesis.
Self-esteem and self-ratings Dimension Pre-DC Post-DC Customer Focus .
Table 8 presents the means for the three groups for observer ratings, pre-DC self-ratings and post-DC self-ratings.
Observer Pre-DC Post-DC Agreement category N ratings self-ratings self-ratings Underraters 25 4.
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