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PNTAPacific Northwest Theatre Associates (Seattle, Washington)
PNTAPolsko-Niemieckie Towarzystwo Akademickie (Polish: Polish-German Academic Society)
PNTAPrefer Not to Answer
PNTAPakistan National Tuberculosis Association
PNTAPalmerston North Taekwondo Academy
PNTAPaul N Terry Associates (UK marketing consultants)
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Please tick one box only Yes, always Yes, quite often Yes, but not very often Never Prefer not to answer 20.
builders or painters Policemen/policewomen Strangers A sex worker A friend's mother/father Celebrities/famous person Anyone else: Don't fantasise about anyone Prefer not to answer 21.
Please tick one box only If my partner told me I looked really good There is nothing that would make me feel confident Other (please specify) Very happy Quite happy Neither/nor Not very happy Not at all happy Prefer not to answer Don't know 26.
Please tick one box only 14 years or younger 15 years 16 years 17 years 18 years 19 years 20 to 23 years 24 to 27 years 28 years or older Can't remember I have not lost my virginity Prefer not to answer 32.
Please tick one box only Yes, definitely Yes, possibly No I'm already in a relationship Don't know Prefer not to answer 49.
I am not honest (I do not use my personal details or appearance online) Prefer not to answer 57.
The range of choices didn't include prefer not to answer, so I didn't choose an option.
After you begin to speak, I prefer not to answer any questions until the .
I really can't answer that," or "I would prefer not to answer that," or, even, "How is that relevant to the job of marketing manager?
If you prefer not to answer a question, he suggests giving a reason why.
LESS THAN $100,000 7% $100,000-$249,000 10% $250,000-$499,999 22% $500,000-$999,999 17% $1,000,000-$1,999,999 18% $2,000,000-$499,999 7% MORE THAN $5,000,000 0% I PREFER NOT TO ANSWER 18% In regards to housing, have you downsized or would you consider downsizing?
But on other matters such as the Lockerbie bombing and the sinking of the Argentina ship the Belgrano, he has been very effective in asking questions which others would prefer not to answer.