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PRFPreferences (File Name Extension)
PRFPrincipal Research Fellow (various locations)
PRFProof (coin collecting)
PRFProducer Recycling Fund (Ireland)
PRFPurchase Requisition Form
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
PRFPseudo Random Function (computer science; cryptography)
PRFPetSafe Radio Fence (containment)
PRFPasture, Rangeland, and Forage (USDA)
PRFPreliminary Registration Form
PRFPedigree Resource File
PRFPics Rules File
PRFPixel Run Format
PRFPseudo Random Function
PRFParks and Recreation Foundation (various locations)
PRFPort Reception Facility (shipping)
PRFPolynomial Root Finder (math software)
PRFProbalistic Relevance Feedback (biomedicine)
PRFPurdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, IN)
PRFPlymouth Rock Foundation (Plymouth, MA)
PRFPersonality Research Form (psychological testing)
PRFProgeria Research Foundation
PRFProtein Research Foundation
PRFPetroleum Research Fund
PRFPhenol-Resorcinol-Formaldehyde (adhesive)
PRFPlan Review Fee (zoning)
PRFPlan Régional de Formation (French: Regional Training Plan)
PRFPromotion Recommendation Form
PRFpontine reticular formation
PRFProton Resonance Frequency
PRFPatient Report Form (ambulance work and first aid)
PRFPoint Response Function
PRFPublic Relations Firm
PRFPersonnel Resources File (US DoD)
PRFProject Request Form
PRFPulse Recurrence Frequency
PRFPlatelet Rich Fibrin
PRFPopulation Regression Function (economics)
PRFPeninsula Radio Flyers (South Africa)
PRFProtocol Review Form (various organizations)
PRFPolicy Reference File
PRFPrimary Reference Fuel
PRFPackage Request Form
PRFPoverty Reduction Forum (Zimbabwe)
PRFProof File (file extension)
PRFPreRecorded Friends
PRFPublic Radio Fan
PRFPost Restaurant Fund
PRFPlutonium Recovery Facility
PRFPerformance Related Fee
PRFPersonnel Readiness File/Folder
PRFProduct Release Form
PRFPulse Recurrence/Repetition Frequency
PRFPolicy Rating Factor (insurance)
PRFPathology Resource Facility
PRFProcess Request Form
PRFProperty Removal/Pass Request Form
PRFPlan Contra Robo y Fraude (Spanish: Plan against Theft and Fraud)
PRFPilot Read File
PRFPost-operative Respiratory Failure
PRFPremier Rock Forum (aka Electrical Audio Forum)
PRFProcurement Request Form (various companies)
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Preferences achieve this and are the key for agents to make decisions in a desirable (and rational) way.
The goals of this study were to explore (1) the learning environment preferences of graduate students enrolled in traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and distance education classes, and (2) the students' perceptions of their distance learning environment during an online class.
Of course preferences in worship go beyond-the two books.
While legacy and minority admission preferences should be retained, he argues, athletic preferences could be curtailed without harm.
The main reason for this is that parents do not have to calculate in advance their chances of getting into their real first-preference school; whereas with a first preference scheme, many parents will have to list their preferences tactically and may not list or get any of their preferred schools: if they do not get their child into their first preference school, they go to the bottom of the list of their second preference school and, if they do not get that one, they go to the very bottom of the list (behind all first and second preference parents) of their third school.
The models in which these preferences appear have a multitude of purposes.
In ongoing work, he has been using tools from chaos theory to identify just which scenarios of voter preferences will give rise to disturbing election outcomes.
The article suggests how counselors along with teachers and parents can help students better understand their learning preferences and be more successful in completing homework.
One of the important aims of the career decision-making process is finding the alternative or alternatives most compatible with the individual's preferences and capabilities.
The current paper is no exception: the graphical proof we develop assumes only two persons, 3 alternatives, and strict preferences (no indifference), whereas Arrow's theorem is much more general than this.