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Accurate, low-risk prenatal genetic testing is a must, Dr.
The first involved documenting (retrospectively) and comparing over two 6-month periods (February -July 2003 and February-July 2004) data on the numbers of pregnant women counselled for AMA (>34 years) and their ages, HIV status, and decisions regarding prenatal genetic testing.
undergo prenatal genetic testing for a number of different conditions
Our research has found that a majority of respondents would elect to have prenatal genetic testing for life altering conditions but most respondents did not desire testing for enhancements.
Prenatal genetic testing, where appropriate, should be offered after non-directive counseling about the advantages and disadvantages and implications of the procedures, though it should be entirely the woman's choice as to whether or not to undergo testing.
In terms of prenatal genetic testing, if a woman or her physician suspects the risk of fetal development anomaly early in the pregnancy she may undergo chorionic villus sampling (CVS) between 9 and 12 weeks into the pregnancy.
If prenatal genetic testing was available for autism and the fetus was likely to be autistic, 20% of the psychiatrists would recommend terminating the pregnancy 9% would advise continuing the pregnancy, and 71% would attempt to convey the information neutrally, according to the survey.
Twenty-four years ago we did not have the ability to design our descendants; true, there were a few hints that some such capacity might be coming, in those early days of genetic counseling and prenatal genetic testing.
Prenatal genetic testing is used to determine if an unborn child will have a genetic condition.
Prenatal genetic testing and screening: constructing needs and reinforcing inequities.
The study by an expert panel to draw up national guidelines and standards for prenatal genetic testing has put forward the controversial proposal as a means of pinpointing rare diseases at any early stage of pregnancy.
Kuppermann said cost concerns always arise when she proposes offering prenatal genetic testing to all pregnant women.