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Leab, editors of American Book Prices Current, recognize outstanding printed exhibition catalogs and guides, and electronic exhibitions, produced by North American and Caribbean institutions.
Electronic shelf labels synched up to the markets' central store computer keep prices current and unit prices up-to-date so a customer can compare the price per ounce, or whatever measure is used.
A fragment of Whitman's letter to Dr Le Baron Russell taken from Autograph Prices Current, iii (London, 1917-18), 243, is printed in the first volume coveting the years 1842-67, of Edwin Haviland Miller's Walt Whitman The Correspondence (New York, 1961).
A long run of historical prices is provided, giving both the actual prices current in each year, and also adjusted prices to allow for inflation.
The weakening of the economy and the prevailing uncertainty over employment has led homebuilders to maintain their prices current levels to offset a more challenging sales environment.
Very often, it is dealers who inform libraries that something has been brought in,'' said Katharine Kyes Leab, publisher of American Book Prices Current, a reference manual for book dealers.
Current prices Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States.