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PWO(A)Principal Warfare Officer (Above Water)
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As Navigation specialist and Principal Warfare Officer, he has served on various Command and Staff appointments.
He is qualified Principal Warfare Officer from UK and Tactical Coordinator from France.
CHIPS: Your background as a principal warfare officer (PWO) specializing in communications and electronic warfare, sea tours and responsibilities for all aspects of officers' communications training brings unique talent to your role as the CJOS COE deputy director.
The court martial heard that Lt Cdr Bellingham, the frigate's Principal Warfare Officer, was known as "Underpants" by Wrens because he wore underwear that played Jingle Bells.
Bellingham, principal warfare officer on the frigate Coventry, said: "I have been treated for depression as a direct result of this case.
Bellingham, 31, who was Principal Warfare Officer aboard frigate HMS Coventry, denies quizzing Wrens about their underwear and tattoos and asking one to show him her pierced navel.
He specialized as Principal Warfare Officer from UK.
He specialized as Principal Warfare Officer from UK and Navigation and Direction Officer from Pakistan.
He is Principal Warfare Officer by specialization and has attended PWO course in UK.
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