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PRIVAFundación para la Rehabilitación Integral de Víctimas Violencia (Spanish: Foundation for Integral Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence)
PRIVAPRIns and Valk (De Lier, Holland company)
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Prosecutors proved during the trial that Uera had direct pecuniary benefit from the agreement because his wife is an incorporator, stockholder and director of Priva as certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ombudsman said.
The accommodation at both the Priva Alpine Lodge, left, and the Hotel Intercontinental, right, is luxurious
Priva said its Cleared ID authentication technology is an essential part of the SecureScreen system which is a joint effort of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Southwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association (SWAPA), CAPA and Priva Technologies with support from BWI and the Maryland Aviation Administration.
Se da por supuesto que la muerte es mala para alguien si lo priva de algo bueno, y tambien que la muerte es infinitamente mala para alguien del caracter mencionado si lo priva de una vida fisica perdurable.
30pm Luke's effo Tony's priva leave Maria the night Li taken unaw and Becky Maldives an Poppy liste to surprise tion Street m) rts to expose ate investigation a and Tony reliving iam died.
Quien diga lo contrario confunde el catequismo que reprueba y sanciona el homicidio, dentro del cual se considera el que realiza quien sin derecho priva de la vida a otro.
Such was the case when a Nissan Priva, determined to steal a space "just for a few minutes", turned up and parked.
Our split was a very priva te affair a it all it public.
Mark Krawczewicz, a Priva employee who worked for 22 years with the Department of Defense in the areas of security and biometrics, notes that "this microchip provides tamper protection, simplifies integration to other devices, and strengthens security for encryption key storage and authentication; all within a single ultra low power device.
30pm) Luke's effor Tony's priva leave Maria the night Lia taken unawa and Becky r Maldives an Poppy listen to surprise D ion Street ) rts to expose te investigation and Tony reliving am died.
En un ambiente donde priva el temor, se deja de pensar bien; se impone la malicia y, como en un profundo y constante estado de guerra, se guarda silencio y este unicamente se rompe solo con exclamaciones de dolor, ira o para mandar en el ataque.