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PDPolice Department
PDProfessional Development
PDPublic Defender
PDPublic Domain
PDPlain Dealer (Cleveland newspaper)
PDPadova (Veneto, Italy)
PDPersonality Disorder
PDParkinson's Disease
PDProduct Development
PDPartial Discharge
PDProject Director
PDPosition Description
PDPower Distribution
PDPersonal Development
PDPartito Democratico (Italian: Democratic Party)
PDPerfect Dark (video game)
PDPanic Disorder
PDProduct Data
PDPeritoneal Dialysis
PDPort Dickson (Negri Sembilan, Malaysia)
PDProject Description
PDPropagation Delay
PDPositive Displacement (pump type)
PDPower Down (assembly language directive)
PDPower Dissipation
PDPer Diem
PDPolicy Development
PDProgressive Disease
PDPositive Deviance
PDPalm Desert (California)
PDProbability of Default
PDPotential Difference
PDPermanent Disability
PDPeriodontal Disease
PDPast Due
PDP. Diddy
PDProcess Data
PDPitch Diameter
PDPartidul Democrat (Democratic Party, Romania)
PDPost Data (Latin: After the Date)
PDPreliminary Design
PDPower Device
PDPoint of Departure
PDPhase Detector
PDProbability of Detection
PDPrisoner's Dilemma (game theory problem)
PDPlay Dead
PDPersonality Development
PDPresidential directive
PDPostnatal Day
PDPancreatic Duct
PDPrincess Diaries (movie)
PDPowerdrive (drilling)
PDPositive Definite
PDPiledriver (pro wrestling move)
PDPhysical Design
PDPokemon Diamond (game)
PDPanzer Division (WWII)
PDPower Divider
PDProblem Determination
PDPhysical Distribution
PDDoctor of Pharmacy (degree)
PDParameter Data
PDPostural Drainage (respiratory physiotherapy)
PDPoint Defense
PDPen Down
PDPen Down (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
PDPower Distributor
PDPhotoelectron Diffraction
PDPoint Detonating (Fuse)
PDPerformance Designs, Inc (Delano, FL)
PDProm Date
PDProgram Document
PDProgram Directive
PDPresidential Decision
PDProgramming Director
PDPrimary Dealer
PDProgram Definition
PDProcurement Department
PDPrimary Doctor
PDProgram Developer
PDDissipated Power
PDPlastic Drum (environmental waste)
PDPass Deflection (football statistics)
PDPeriscope Depth
PDPosition Document
PDPlease Die (gaming)
PDPetroleum Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
PDPresidential Declaration
PDPresidential Determination
PDPrevent Defense
PDProportional and Derivative
PDProbability of Damage
PDPoint Dipole
PDPriority Designator
PDPredicted Difference (breeding)
PDPokemon Dash (cartoon)
PDProgram Directorate (SPAWAR)
PDprocedures description (US DoD)
PDPeter Doran (Irish musician)
PDPartia Demokratike e Shqipërisë (Democratic Party of Albania)
PDPitch Distance
PDPhase Diversity (method for estimating an object as well as optical aberrations from image data)
PDProject Dolphin (GameCube nickname)
PDParty of Democrats (San Marino)
PDPatch Density
PDProgram/Project Development
PDPartition Descriptor (OSTA universal disk format)
PDPlanning Directive
PDPilot's Discretion (aviation)
PDPacketization Delay
PDPlastic Duct (construction)
PDProgeny Difference
PDPartia e Drejtësisë (Justice Party, Kosovo)
PDPrecedence Diagram
PDProfile Descent (aviation)
PDPersonlig Datamaskin (Norwegian)
PDPermeability Distribution
PDPilot Dogs
PDPopulation Density/Distribution
PDPiss Drunks (band)
PDPlanetDescent (website devoted to Descent video game)
PDPhase Directed
PDPhoto Diode Detector
PDProduct Directorate
PDProcurement Demand
PDPathogen Density
PDProgram Directorates
PDPeople's Drama
Pddrift compensated parallelogram pattern (US DoD)
PDPartial Despreading
PDPalmtop Device
PDPhase Change Dual-Layer (optical media format)
PDPeel Deveined (shrimp)
PDPlanarization Distance
PDPost-Design Studio (Russia)
PDPrime Dictate (edict of law issued by a prime minister)
PDPast Decay
PDPistol Detail (USMC)
PDPURiTY-DivX (EFnet mirc channel)
PDProgram Director/ate
PDPlacename Database
PDProgressive Demokraten
PDProject Directive/Director
PDPhotonics Reference Distributor
PDPrecipitation Drain
PDProperty Damage (insurance)
PDPropulsion Directorate
PDPulse Doppler
PDPulse Duration
PDPurchase Description
PDPurple Dinosaur
PDPaper Dispenser (various companies)
PDProtocol Discriminator (GPRS LLC-layer address field format)
PDProximal-Distal (anatomy)
PDPure Data (programming environment)
PDPupillary Distance (distance between the centers of rotation of a pair of human eyes)
PDProportional Derivative
PDPurchasing Department
PDPublic Diplomacy
PDPorco Dio
PDPeyronie's Disease
PDProposed Draft
PDProtection Domain
PDPullorum Disease (Chicken Salmonellosis)
PDPuff Daddy
PDProposed Document (review process)
PDPaula Deen (cook)
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Poco antes de tomar posesion del flamante puesto de Privatdozent, (3) Schelling vio por primera vez a la senora, casada y mayor que el--doce anos de aventajada madurez, para ser exactos--, Caroline Schlegel.
Arendt writes that as early as 1919, when Heidegger was only a Privatdozent (instructor) at the University of Freiburg, his reputation as a teacher travelled across Germany "like the rumour of the hidden king" (Van Buren, 1994:3).
Em Berlim, Park havia assistido a palestras ministradas por um Privatdozent (3) muito popular entre o grande publico, mas pouco entre os academicos, chamado Georg Simmel (4).
109) In quick succession, Friedrich Oldenberg, a member of the Brotherhood and Wichern's later biographer, Professor Hugo Brhlau, law professor at Halle, and Hermann Ortloff, a Privatdozent of law, produced brochures defending the Rauhe Haus.
En 1926 Horkheimer comienza a desempenarse como Privatdozent.
23) 'Habilitation' is standard nomenclature for the proceedings, including a post-doctoral dissertation, the Habilitationsschrift, that culminate in the venia legendi or state licence to lecture, at which point one becomes a Privatdozent or private lecturer.
During the 10 years of his work there he was habilitated as Privatdozent for the specialty of ophthalmology in 1885.
The author, a Privatdozent at the Technical University in Berlin, offers a richly contextualized history of the church's architecture and art up to the advent of the Reformation.
Although he was only a privatdozent (unsalaried lecturer) at the university, he influenced a new generation of young Austrian economists and visiting students studying in Vienna during the interwar years.
However, I am not a member at the Mannermaa school even though I serve at the University of Helsinki in the capacity of Privatdozent of Ecumenics.
Wolf-Friedrich Schaufele, Privatdozent en la Facultad de Teologia luterana de la Universidad de Maguncia, analizo <<la continuidad de la Iglesia>> desde diversas--incluso opuestas--concepciones eclesiologicas en la Edad Media: de la Iglesia catolica, del movimiento joaquinista, de los valdenses, cataros y wiclifitas.
The work of a Privatdozent tended to be less than highly remunerative; few could afford to engage in it without some other source of income (Kuehn, 2001, 66).