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PRKPhotorefractive Keratectomy
PRKPort Kent (Amtrak station code; Portk Kent, NY)
PRKDemocratic People's Republic of Korea (ISO alpha-3 country code for North Korea)
PRKPunk Rock Karaoke (band)
PRKPassword Recovery Key
PRKPeople's Republic of Kampuchea
PRKPeople's Republic of Kalifornia
PRKPuncture Repair Kit
PRKPolyteknikkojen Radiokerho (student ham radio club at Helsinki University of Technology)
PRKPartia Republikane e Kosovës (Republican Party of Kosovo)
PRKPrimitive Recursive Kernel
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In addition, the maximum ablation amount in the PRK group and the maximum lenticule thickness in the SMILE group were recorded as the amount of stromal tissue removed.
DISCUSSION: In our series, we studied role of PRK in treating high myopia along with use of Mitomycin C.
Technologies such as active ambient light suppression (ALS) or "brightVision[R]"--which allows the PRK 3b opto-sensors to recognize the incidence of spurious light and to distinguish between its own sensor signal and the interference source are an important characteristic of the new sensor.
PRK costs around pounds 700 an eye and LASIK around pounds 1,500.
If you or someone you care about is considering RK, PRK, or Ortho-K, here is some information to help you evaluate some of the claims about these procedures.
To be a candidate for PRK, a patient must be nearsighted, at least 21 years old, have stable, healthy eyes and should not be pregnant or nursing.
study, 270 patients with varying degrees of myopia had one eye treated with either PRK or LASIK.
MATERIALS AND METHOD: This a prospective observational study conducted on 25 patients that is 50 eyes in total who underwent PRK from December 2012 - July 2014 at Nanovision Laser eye centre at Hyderabad.
of Pennsylvania) interprets the rabbinic development in this PRK of a God who speaks the language of emotional persuasion (hence treats like raisins) rather than in authoritative language as at Sinai.
The new PRK 25B range of opto-electronic sensors from Leuze Mayser may be physically smaller than other models, yet it offers one of the most powerful specifications to suit extremely diverse applications--from simple sensing operations to those more challenging with reflective surfaces such as shrink wrap.
It is a direct descendant of an operation called PRK and a distant cousin of the progenitor of all vision-correcting procedures, radial keratotomy.
Laser eye surgery was first introduced in the UK in 1989, in the form of PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy).