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PWPalau (US postal abbreviation)
PWPower Windows
PWPitching Wedge
PWPer Week
PWPublic Works
PWPhoenix Wright (game)
PWPocket Watch
PWPersistent World (gaming)
PWPulse Width
PWPublisher's Weekly
PWPratt & Whitney
PWPostmenopausal Women (biology)
PWPolitechnika Warszawska
PWPrisoner of War
PWPotable Water
PWPretty Woman (movie)
PWProject Work
PWPennywise (band)
PWPrevailing Wage
PWPrice-Waterhouse (accounting firm)
PWPulsed Wave
PWPrecipitable Water
PWPartition Wall (fire insurance)
PWPermanent Way
PWProcess Water
PWPiggly Wiggly (retail store)
PWProved Wrong
PWPetawatt (10^15 Watts)
PWPressurized Water (plumbing)
PWPanel Wiring
PWPlace of Worship (map symbol)
PWPrivate Wire
PWProduced Water
PWPagewidth (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
PWPhantom Works (Boeing Corporation)
PWPatient Weight
PWPistol Whipped (gaming)
PWPower Walking (aerobic exercise)
PWPuncture Wound
PWProtest Warrior
PWProfit Warning
PWPeter Weller (actor)
PWProjection Welding
PWPosition Width (noise model)
PWPlanetary Wave
PWProvidence and Worcester Railroad Company
PWPositively Women (UK charity)
PWPathetic Wanker
PWParent Watching
PWPeople's Watch (human rights group; India)
PWPanty Waist
PWPromotion Wars (game)
PWPolygon Wizards (gaming)
PWProvisional Wing
PWProduction Waiver
PWPriceWeber (advertising company)
PWPeriodic Wall
PWPatrick Wolf (musician)
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After an eight-year break from the comedy circuit as a pro-wrestler, it wasn't hard for Steffen Peddie to make an impact.
Japan's next biggest MM promotion, PRIDE, was founded three years ago, when its promoters managed to bring together Rickson Gracie of the Brazilian Gracie family, famous for their development of the Brazilian style of jiu-jitsu, a grappling sport that originated in Japan, and Nobuhiko Takada, a superstar Japanese pro-wrestler.
He's said some outrageous things, has been as flamboyant as the former pro-wrestler he once was and he connected well with those voters disillusioned with, or even downright hostile to, mainstream politics and politicians.
NEW YORK The race appears on to be the first to pin to the mat a pic about Jesse "The Body" Ventura, the ex-Navy Seal, pro-wrestler, actor and former radio talkshow host whose victory in the Minnesota governor's race was one of the biggest political surprises in years.
The hot bumper sticker in Minnesota, where the people elected former pro-wrestler Jesse ``The Body'' Ventura as governor.
If you think James Laurinaitis gets all of his animal instincts from his pro-wrestler dad, you're barking up the wrong branch of his family tree.
A fan initially suggested that Diesel and Johnson would work well together, which lead to the former pro-wrestler being given a shot at the part.
The athletic couple have taken their relationship to the level where the New York Yankees third baseman is making the former WWE pro-wrestler a part of his family.
Eazy Tyger open for American pro-wrestler and rocker Chris Jericho and Fozzy.
But with an impressive score of 31, pub landlord Tony saw off competition from wannabe glamour model Annierose Crone, chocolatier Chris Tabor, female pro-wrestler Joanne Edwards and hairdresser Michelle Russell.
The theatre group made an impression with their giant inflatable 'Extraordinary Pod' which was included in a performance featuring actor Dan Edge, who is also the UK's only disabled pro-wrestler.
A wrestling scout came after me at the show in California and said that I had a good look and they would like to train me up as a pro-wrestler," he said.