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Probus likewise, by that speech, Si vixero, non opus erit amplius Romano imperio militibus; a speech of great despair for the soldiers.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Probus, please contact our secretary Will Shelton on 01509 769802 who will give you details of the club's terms and conditions,
Meetings of Elland Probus (men's) group are held at Elland Working Men's Club every other Tuesday at 10am for 10.
Before starting, Liz stressed the fact that at this stage no decisions have been made and it was vitally important that she gets feedback from Moffat and Beattock residents via their questionnaire (previously circulated to all Probus members).
Thanks were given to Keith Waller, Probus chairman, by David Middleton for organising the event, which proved very popular with everybody.
Erdington Court Bowls Club ismaking indoor facilities available for a 12-week period for the Probus Club, many of whose members live locally.
The Men's Probus Clubs are for retired professional and business men, hence the name Probus (Professional/Business).
Coventry Probus Club chairman Charles King said the talk was fascinating.
He was positive from the outset aboard Father Probus (5-2 favourite) and beat Emperor's Choice by a length and three-quarters.
Fitness is rarely an issue with Williams-trained runners and if Father Probus jumps well on this first outing for 260 days he's entitled to make his presence felt.
Probus will be responsible for the finance, IT, and legal functions of World Vision U.
And yet, such a position may not have been in harmony with the stance of the play, for when we turn to the elaborate notes printed after the text of the play, we find Nero's statement about the illegitimacy of Agrippina's reference to Persian precedent glossed in the following way: "Hiervon redet die gantze Praefatio Aemilii Probi" ("This is the topic of the entire preface of Aemilius Probus," 126).