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PROCPuerto Rican Operations Center (US DoD)
ProcProgrammed Random Occurrence
PROCProposed Required Operational Capability
PROCPrice Rate of Change (finance)
PROCPeoples Republic of Cork (Ireland)
PRoCPeople's Republic of China
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PRoC LP also incorporates the user-friendly KISSBind[TM] feature, which enables a user to intuitively link a wireless peripheral to the desired host by simply bringing them in very close proximity with one another, thus lowering customer support calls.
The CY4672 PRoC LP RDK includes all of the following items:
The PRoC Development Kit reinforces Cypress's strategy of offering customers complete, high-quality development tools for a quick, painless way to cut the cord on wired products," said Marcus Kramer, director of Cypress's Human Interface Device (HID) business unit.
Our PRoC solution in particular has garnered an impressive collection of accolades, and we expect continued recognition as adoption of this 'hot' technology continues to increase.