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The treatment group reported this in the personal self-management project log and the control group on the researcher-created questionnaire posttest.
l For more information about the project log on to www.
The company website and social media networks comprise the network of information that includes company history and branding, product listings, industry updates, human interest, project logs, and most importantly, technical support.
In addition, the appendix includes sample oral history forms and oral history evaluation guidelines that address project responsibilities to the interviewees (narrators), the public, and sponsoring institutions, including project guidelines, consent forms, project logs, inventory forms, and correspondence.
In their project logs, students articulate, explore, and track their thinking in writing as their projects evolve.
The unit's financial management operation controls $15 million worth of funds for Iraq operations, controls and maintains project logs valued at $50 million and processes vouchers worth $3.
Our Community Against Racism Project logs around 40 racially motivated cases per year, but an evaluation of the project shows that minority ethnic communities are still reluctant to come forward and report racial crimes as they lack confidence in the agencies which are supposed to be there to keep them.
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