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PNPart Number
PNPolished Nickel (product feature)
PNPractical Nurse
PNPanama (including Canal Zone Region)
PNPordenone (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
PNProduct Name
PNPeripheral Neuropathy
PNPostnuke (website content management sytem)
PNProject Number
PNPartido Nacional (Spanish: National Party)
PNPitcairn Island (top level domain)
PNPinot Noir (wine)
PNPolice Nationale (French: National Police)
PNParques Nacionales (National Parks Administration, Argentina)
PNPromissory Note
PNPakistan Navy
PNPhilippine Navy
PNPlatoon (Canadian/British)
PNPractice Nurse
PNPublic Nudity
PNPlanetary Nebula
PNNoise Power
PNPhase Noise (communication systems)
PNPartit Nazzjonalista (Nationalist Party, Malta)
PNPolska Norma (Polish: Polish Standard)
PNPengadilan Negeri (Indonesian: district court)
PNPetri Net
PNPersonal Needs
PNProgram Neighborhood (Citrix Client Software)
PNPlay Nice (gaming)
PNProtease Nexin
PNPacific National (Australia)
PNPressure Normalized (gas wells)
PNPeer Networking
PNPolish Notation (aka prefix notation)
PNPredicate Nominative
PNPression Nominale (French: Nominal Pressure)
PNProcurement Notice
PNProperty Number
PNPressure Number
PNParticipating National (FCC)
PNProportional Navigation
PNParticipatory Note
PNProcessor Node
PNPreliminary Notification
PNPosition Navigation
PNPaso A Nivel (Spain)
PNPartner Nation
PNPercussion Note
PNPlanet Namek
PNProblem Notification
PNProminent Nuclei
PNPerfect Nonlinear
PNPositive Notification
PNPedigree Nursery
PNPolemiko Nautiko (Greek Navy)
PNPetitioner Name
PNUS Postal Note (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
PNPseudorandom Noise/Number
PN(USN Rating) Personnelman
PNPoikiloderma with Neutropenia
PNPiedmont and Northern Railway Company
PNPeriodic Nonharmonic
PNPositive-channel, Negative-channel junction (electronics, semiconductors)
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A series of low-impact works are ongoing outside property number 68 for the remainder of the week.
During the Weimar era, a 1920 Reichswehr chamber date was added to these pistols and then subsequently during the Nazi era, an "M" over anchor with a naval property number was added to the pistol's backstrap.
I was informed by one card company that I should call the local police station to get a lost property number.
And having a correctly displayed property number can make the difference.
97 5,282 176,151 Continued to property number 386 Table 5: Confidence Intervals Lower Upper Half width Individual (summed) $61,087,955 $98,097,648 $18,048,846 Means (summed) $76,986,041 $82,199,562 $2,606,761 Portfolio $76,802,447 $82,383,156 $2,790,355 Point Estimate (Yh) = $79,592,802 m = 386
Property number two is in La Pinilla - a two-bedroom townhouse just half an hour away from the sea.
At the meetings, a person could find his home using an alphabetized list of property owner names (identified by a number) and go to the numbered board and identify its location based on the property number provided.
Lately, it seems, the Foothill League baseball trophy has had a Hart Unified School District property number stamped on it, with the Indians winning the last four titles and seven of the last nine.
Property Number Length Tensile strength > Then < > Elongation < - Modulus > - Flex life < > Set < > Hysteresis < > Resilience > < Thermal stability - < Oxidative stability - < Rolling resistance < Tear strength > Then < > Abrasion > >
Encoded in the bar-code line was the property number, the unit number, and the tenant code.
A series of high-impact works are being administered by Scottish Water outside property number 90, and will last until a scheduled completion date of next Wednesday, February 7.
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