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PRORAPeppertree/Royal Oak Residents' Association (Albuquerque, NM)
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Jurgen Rostock, co-founder for the Prora documentation centre, insisted "these are not harmless buildings".
Hotel Prora was built by the Nazis as part of their Strength Through Joy programme and was meant to provide leisure activities for German workers and spread Nazi propaganda.
Ond oherwydd ein profiad yno, gwyddom na fyddwn byth yn ein bywydau yn dychwelyd i Prora, nac i Ynys Rugen ychwaith.
Prora was constructed on the Baltic island of Ruegen by the stormtroopers of the Nazi 'Strength Through Joy' leisure organization over a six-year period and occupies nearly three miles of beachfront.
On July 30th, 1935, with a handshake, Malte von Veltheim, Duke of Putbus, indicated his agreement to "hand over" part of his property at Prora Bay as a building lot--whatever "hand over" may mean in this context.
Gaetano De Martino, Dal carcere di San Vittore ai "larger" (Milan: La Prora, 1955, 1st edition Milan: Ed.
Before 1936, when the first pine trees were erased from the site, the name Prora only existed as a bay running parallel to an area of environmentally protected land.
But after 10 years of revamping, a company has transformed Prora on the Baltic island of Rugen into homes and holiday apartments.
contro la prora della barca e il mare aperto nella terza parte del film:
Only one camp, Prora, on the Baltic island of Rugen, was built but its miles of sea facing flats were never used.
But the revamp of Prora on the Baltic island of Ruegen is causing controversy.
The German government is set to close a deal with a Berlin developer for almost pounds 300 million to turn the decaying dormitories of Prora into holiday flats complete with swimming pools, health clubs, restaurants, discos, a conference centre and a grand ballroom.