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PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point
PSAPPersonal Sound Amplification Product
PSAPPresentation Layer Service Access Point
PSAPParticipant Statistical Areas Program (US Census Bureau)
PSAPPedestrian Safety Action Plan (various locations)
PSAPParticle Soot Absorption Photometer
PSAPPresentation Service Access Point
PSAPPublic Service Access Point
PSAPProstate Specific Acid Phosphatase (prostate enzyme)
PSAPPersonnel Security Assurance Program
PSAPPharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Position
PSAPPrivate Sector Advisory Panel (ICAC)
PSAPProvisions pour Sinistres A Payer (French)
PSAPPriority Substances Assessment Program (Canada)
PSAPProspective Special Access Programs (USAF)
PSAPPower Sector Action Programme (Damascus, Syria)
PSAPProvincial Software Acquisition Program (Canada)
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The researchers believe that prosaposin stimulates tumor suppressor p53 activity in the connective tissue surrounding the tumor.
When scientists added prosaposin to metastatic tumour cells injected into mice, cancer spread to the lymph nodes was completely eliminated.
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