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PROTPlano Regional de Ordenamento do Território (Portugal)
PROTProcessor Resource Ownership Table (IBM Corp.)
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e Co-op's home and motor insurance business posted an underlying loss of PS7m, compared with a prot of PS36m in 2013, after revenues were impacted by lower industry premiums and a move to exit low-prot areas.
6million in 2013 have been turned into an operating prot of PS4.
COMPANIES should be open and transparent about their dealings to counter the feeling that prots are bad.
When Prot says his time on Earth is ending, Dr Powell is forced to consider that he might be genuine.
The offer that is now on the table is the maximum acceptable for a voluntary deal," Prot said.
But nothing works on Prot and he becomes quite a novelty.
When Prot announces that his time on Earth is coming to an end, Dr Powell is forced to consider the possibility that his patient might be telling the truth.
But Prot even dazzles a bunch of professional astronomers with his knowledge of little-known facts about the universe, so maybe .
2) ProT [alpha] appears to be the endogenous peptide from which thymosin al is formed by proteolytic modification during the tissue extraction procedure [1, 2].
5m rst-half operating prot at current exchange rates, would have been reduced by around PS5.
Chief executive Richard Hayes said: "It is pleasing to report another record year for Card Factory in terms of both revenue and prot.
RETAILER Game Digital have announced the departure of its nance director as it reported a fall in half-year earnings after a tough Christmas prompted a prot warning earlier this year.