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PTHPass the Hash (hacking technique)
PTHParathyroid Hormone
PTHProtest the Hero (band)
PTHPort Huron (Amtrak station code; Port Huron, MI)
PTHPath (aviation)
PTHPolskie Towarzystwo Historyczne (Polish: Polish Historical Society)
PTHPlated Through Hole (semiconductor manufacturing)
PTHPower Threshold
PTHPartially Torn Hamstring (injury)
PTHPush to Hear (in-ear monitor)
PTHPutonghua (Chinese: Mandarin)
PTHPicture the Homeless (homeless rights organization; New York, NY)
PTHPin Through Hole (printed circuit boards)
PTHPost-Transfusion Hepatitis (medical condition)
PTHPedagogisch Technische Hogeschool (Netherlands Technical Teacher Training)
PTHPurolator Tackle Hunger (food program; Canada)
PTHPeace through Health (Canada)
PTHProvincial Trunk Highway (Canada)
PTHPrice Trace Hawes (UK)
PTHProtect the Human (Amnesty International)
PTHPuissance Thermique (French: Thermal Power)
PTHPrime Tanning Hours
PTHPlanet Tony Hawk (gaming website)
PTHPrelude to Hope (film by Clear Concrete Productions)
PTHPut Through Hole (integrated circuits packaging)
PTHPro-femmes Twese Hamwe (Rwanda)
PTHPrecipitation Top Height
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Commissioner called upon officials of the health department to ensure safe blood transfusion to protect the human lives.
Mujawar pointed out that the Yemeni government has accepted 166 of the total 191 recommendations it received during the periodic review last January, which affirms Yemen's keenness to deal positivity with the mechanism of the inclusive periodic review and reflects its real trend to maintain and protect the human rights.
Lutein, a major yellow pigment in corn and leafy green vegetables, is believed to protect the human retina's macular region, reducing risk of the macular degeneration responsible for the most common age-related blindness.
The students at Cathays High School, Cardiff, have hosted a series of assemblies as part of Amnesty International's Protect the Human week.
This year Amnesty International is supporting the season of human rights films as part of its Protect the Human Week, running from next Monday, and will be hosting a post-screening workshop to discuss the themes and some of the crucial issues raised in the film.
In testimony before the Senate, the conference's representative "recommended that senators consider the positive elements of the bill," such as provisions to protect the human embryo and regulate embryonic research, but reiterated the church's opposition to assisted human reproduction.
Brazil, Canada and 18 other nations had sponsored a resolution calling on member states to "promote and protect the human rights of all persons regardless of their sexual orientation.
These executives did not accept the responsibility to protect the human dignity of their employees.
By 2003, complete policy reviews of existing non-discrimination legislation and protective laws, drawing as appropriate on the United Nations Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, in order to adopt new or strengthen existing legislation to protect the human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, eliminate discrimination and ensure their equal rights in education, employment and services;
The doctor's job is to protect the human body from disease, not whittle it down so there's less of it for disease to afflict.
For a government, for laws, for candidates who will protect the human life and dignity of each human being.