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PERPeru (ISO Country code)
PERPrice-to-Earnings Ratio
PERPhysical Education Recreation
PERPediatric Emergency Room
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PERPhysics Education Research (various locations)
PERProtein Efficiency Ratio
PERPacific Economic Review (Blackwell Publishing)
PERPast Exalted Ruler (Benevolent Protective Order of Elks)
PERPreliminary Engineering Report
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PERProvider Edge Router
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PERPublic Employees Roundtable
PERPreliminary Environmental Review
PERPlan d'Exposition aux Risques (French: Risk Exposure Plan)
PERPlan d'Epargne-Retraite
PERPoll-Each-Read (cache access algorithm)
PERProgram for Ecosystem Research
PERPeriodic Electoral Review
PERProgram Event Recording
PERPre-Environmental Review
PERProgram Effectiveness Review
PERPerth, Western Australia, Australia - Perth (Airport Code)
PERProposal Evaluation Report
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Protein efficiency ratio and feed efficiency are utilized as quality indicator for fish diet and its amino acid balance.
05) different Key: GFMR = germinated, fermented maize mushroom GNFMR= germinated, nonfermented maize mushroom; NGFMR= non-germinated, fermented maize mushroom; NGNFMR non- germinated, non-fermented maize mushroom food formulations PER= Protein Efficiency Ratio, NPR= Net Protein Ratio, R= Relative Table 4: Sensory scores * for various maize mushroom based food formulations Attribute Product GFMR GNFMR Flavor 3.
Net protein utilization (NPU) and protein efficiency ratio (PER) were worked out by using the formula of (Miller and Bender, 1955) as under:
However, feed and protein efficiency ratios of fish in 15 WF treatment were significantly (p<0.
The food intake and gain in body weight of rats, food efficiency ratio (FER) and protein efficiency ratio (PER) of supplements are presented in Table 1.
Weight gain (WG), specific growth rate (SGR), feed efficiency (FE), protein efficiency ratio (PER) and survival of juvenile eels fed the experimental diets for 12 weeks are shown in Table 2.
Growth and feed efficiency were monitored in terms of the final weight, weight gain (expressed as the percent of initial body weight at the end of the experiment), specific growth rate (SGR) [In (final body weight) - In (initial body weight)/time, where In = natural log, expressed as % per day), feed conversion ratio (FCR) (feed fed /wet weight gain), protein efficiency ratio (PER) (wet weight gain/protein intake), protein retention efficiency [(final whole body protein - final body weight) - (initial whole body protein - initial body weight)/total protein intake] and energy retention efficiency [(final whole body energy - final body weight) - (initial whole body energy - initial body weight)/total energy intake].
The cumulated weight gain, feed conversion ratio, energy efficiency ratio (ME intake (kcal)/weight gain (g)), protein efficiency ratio (weight gain (g)/protein intake (g)) data were calculated for the entire experiment period.
05) difference in specific growth rate, protein efficiency ratio, protein productive value, lipid productive value, energy productive value and FCR between control diet and Diet 2, and SBM can be used up to 40% in rainbow trout growth rations.
Calculation was made as follows: specific growth rate (SGR) = 100 x [(lnWf - lnWi)/t], feeding rate (FR, % body weight/day) = 100xC/{[(Wi + Wf)/2]/t}; feed efficiency ratio (FER) = (Wf - Wi)/C; protein efficiency ratio (PER) = (Wf Wi)/Cp, where, Wi and Wf are initial and final weights, t is feeding duration (days), C is feed consumption (g) and Cp is protein consumption (g).