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rhus University~s intention to contract with Ionikon Analytik Gesellschaft mbH the purchase of two (2) Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometer with TOF (PTR-TOF-MS).
Ultrashort THz pulses, on the one hand, will allow monitoring the THz photochemical proton transfer reactions in real time on the femtosecond time scale.
He defines hydrogen-bonded systems in a brief summary and provides the concepts of dihydrogen bonding in a concise overview, then describes the experimental criteria of dihydrogen bond formation, theories and experiments related to intramolecular dihydrogen bonds, intermolecular dihydrogen-bonded complexes from Groups 1A-4A to Xenon dihydrogen-bonded complexes, intermolecular dihydrogen bonding in transition metal hydride complexes, correlation relationships for intermolecular dihydrogen bonds, dihydrogen bonding in supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering, and dihydrogen bonds as intermediates in intermolecular proton transfer reactions.
Seven studies consider such aspects as highly excited valence states of polyatomic molecules, proton transfer reactions in excited states, protonucleophilic substitution reactions, photo-animation with ammonia and amines, and the DNA-templated assembly of helical multi-chromophore aggregates.
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