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POPost Office
POPurchase Order
POPetty Officer (military rank)
POPissed Off
POPouces (French: Inches)
POPiss Off
POPer Os (Latin: by mouth, orally)
POParole Officer
POPoint of Order
POProgram Office(r)
POPut Out
POProduct Owner (software development)
POPacific Ocean
POProject Officer
POPolice Officer
POPortugal (Including Azores Island & Madeirais)
POPostal Order
POPhone Order (medical)
POPeak Oil
POPortsmouth (UK postal code)
POPhysical Oceanography
POPort Orchard (Washington)
POPeace Operations (US DoD)
POPalm Oil
POPulmonary Oedema
POPull Off (guitar playing technique)
POPrivate Organization
POPurchasing Office
POPrice Objective
POPrevious Owner
POPrimary Objective
POProbation Officer
POPlatforma Obywatelska (Citizens Platform, Poland)
POProduction Order
POPartial Order
POPort Officer (US Navy)
POPerformance Objective
POPresiding Officer
POPropylene Oxide
POPartner Organization
POPor Orden (Spanish: on Behalf of and By Order Of)
POPeace Out
POProgram Operations
POPreparedness Officer (US FEMA)
POPartido Obrero (Argentina political party)
POPolikarpov (Soviet aircraft designer)
POProcurement Officer
POPick Off
POPayment Order
POPersonnel Officer
POPrevious Orders
POPayload Operator (US DoD)
POPresidential Office
POPhysical Optics
POPrincipal Only
POPilot Officer (Royal Air Force)
POPrato, Toscana (Italian province)
POPoint of Observation
POOfficer Personnel Division (US Navy)
POProcess Owner
POPatent Overflow (plumbing)
POProcurement Operations
POProject Order
POParity Odd
POPlanning Order
PODisney's Port Orleans Resort
POPostal Operator (PostEurop)
POPump Operator (fire department)
POPlanning Objective
POPersonnel & Organization
POPatrologia Orientalis
POPacket Oriented
POProvocative Operation (Edward De Bono)
POPeace Opportunity
POPolítica Operativa (Italian: Operational Policy)
POProduction Offset
POPreventive Officer
POPhosphorus Monoxide (chemistry)
POPossession of the US (IRB)
POPresiding Overseer
PODirectie Primair Onderwijs (Dutch)
POPartial Overlaps (spatial reasoning)
POProbability of Outage
POPrenegotiation Objective (USACE)
POSand/Dust Whirls (METAR weather)
POPetite Ondes (French: microwave)
POPartition Organized
POPoop Occurs :-)
POPropositioning Objective
POP (Precision Airdrop) System Office (US Air Force)
POProgram Originator Code
POPilot-Only Receiver
POProgram/Procurement Objective
POPrologue Overhead
POPerilmondo Onlus (Sri Lanka; est. 2004)
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It's a provocative operation, designed to force Dr Chalabi to change his political stance,' said Chalabi aide Qaisar Wotwot.
We have information about provocative operations in al-Ghouta to accuse the Syrian government of launching a chemical attack there," he added.
We do not rule out provocative operations but we have no information about prospected chemical attacks," said Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a statement to Interfax news agency.
provocative operations recently in the course of the presidential race in Armenia.
The MP stated in a statement issued today (Friday) that the Israeli enemy has escalated lately its field provocative operations and violated Lebanese sovereignty of which the last was what happened yesterday (Thursday) at Kfarchouba Hills.
Spokesman of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov said in a statement published by RT Website that "the cessation of hostilities in the Syrian territories is mostly holding", pointing out at the same time to separate shelling and provocative operations.
party has again made provocative operations recently in the course of the presidential race in Armenia," the expert said.
MOSCOW, (SANA)_ The Syrian opposition allies are preparing provocative operations involving Slav mercenaries in a bid to defame Russia's reputation as one of the mediators in the negotiation process, a Russian military diplomatic source said Friday.
Due to their failure," the statement added, "the armed terrorist groups have embarked on provocative operations against our people at the camps, particularly those of Yarmouk, Daraa, Homs, Hama and Lattakia, in a bid to infiltrate external elements inside them to stir up unrest.
For his part, Bogdanov said in his speech at Valdai Discussion Club Middle East section's conference, reported by Russia Today TV, A'that the level of violence in Syria has risen over the past period because of the gunmen's activities, calling on the opposition that rules over the armed groups to give the order to these groups to stop their provocative operations against the Syrian authorities.