PRSTPhysical Review Special Topics
PRSTProbability Ratio Sequential Testing
PRSTProgressive Resistance Strength Training
PRSTProceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (Royal Society of Tasmania publication; Australia)
PRSTParoxysmal Reciprocating Sinus Tachycardia
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The preoperative PRST was performed by retrograde fill (300 mL), removing the catheter and performing Valsalva and cough testing in lithotomy position without prolapse reduction, in lithotomy with prolapse reduced with Procto Swabs, and standing with prolapse reduced.
Dr Wei found that, at 3 months, insertion of the sling had a beneficial effect, whether or not the PRST was positive or negative, but the magnitude of effect of the sling was greater if the patient had a positive PRST.
Thorax: Black in ground color with dark gray pruinosity; scutum with 5 distinct black vittae, the inner vitta reaching scutoscutellar suture; 2 rows of hair-like prst acr (the second pair stronger), only 1 pair of post acr developed, these situated in front of scutellum, dc 2+3, ial 0+2, with 1 pair of outer posthumeral setae; pra about 1.
Thorax: Black with sap green luster, scutum indistinctly with 3 black vittae, prst acr hair-like, in 2 rows (sometimes the first pair distinct), only 1 pair of post act developed, located in front of scutellum, dc 2+3, ial 0+2, posthumeral seta l+0; pra longer than anterior notopleural seta, about 2.
On three separate occasions in the Prst half Barnett received bonecrunching challenges from Davies, Gavin McCann and Kevin Nolan.
After a lacklustre Prst half, Grant Holt opened the scoring for the hosts when he got on the end of Richard Walker's cross in the 49th minute and diverted the ball past Dean Kiely.
At Prst she keeps quiet, dragging Steve to the jewellers' and choosing the most expensive ring in the shop.
Now, they have moved out of the relegation positions for the Prst time this season.
Keith Bell took the man of the match award after his unbeaten century helped Moseley to their Prst outright win of the season.
He could easily have signed for one of the top clubs in the Premier League and taken the easy life, picking up his pension whilst sitting as a second or third choice goalkeeper, but Maik is determined and enthusiastic to maintain his Prst team place here.
Wright was put down on eight by Graeme Swann at Prst slip off Mark Ealham.
Prior, chanceless save for a run-out scare in the Prst innings, had 34 when Matt Wood failed to hold a sharp catch at short-leg off Swann and 44 when even the 6ft 11in Will Jefferson could not leap high enough at second slip off Pattinson.