PRSTPhysical Review Special Topics
PRSTProbability Ratio Sequential Testing
PRSTProgressive Resistance Strength Training
PRSTPragmatic Reasoning Schemas Theory (psychology)
PRSTProceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (Royal Society of Tasmania publication; Australia)
PRSTParoxysmal Reciprocating Sinus Tachycardia
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PRST SCORE: Evans and Davies in 1984 introduced a scoring system for clinical assessment of depth of anaesthesia, the PRST score (Systolic Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sweating, Tears).
The preoperative PRST was performed by retrograde fill (300 mL), removing the catheter and performing Valsalva and cough testing in lithotomy position without prolapse reduction, in lithotomy with prolapse reduced with Procto Swabs, and standing with prolapse reduced.
Thorax: Black in ground color with dark gray pruinosity; scutum with 5 distinct black vittae, the inner vitta reaching scutoscutellar suture; 2 rows of hair-like prst acr (the second pair stronger), only 1 pair of post acr developed, these situated in front of scutellum, dc 2+3, ial 0+2, with 1 pair of outer posthumeral setae; pra about 1.
The offer comprises the operation of the central and south zealand fire and rescue (msbr) 2 fire stations in prst and stege, Respectively, For a 5-year period with the possibility of up to 2 times 1 year extension.
This PRST was agreed unanimously today and its aim is to facilitate access for humanitarian relief to all parts of Syria.
The Liberal democrats are heading for Government, Nick Clegg has declared in his Prst conference speech as party leader.
It was a far cry from his Prst taste of football in the Black Country, a low key pre-season friendly with Heerenveen last summer, and he's eager for more.
Albion produced a piece of stunning football in the Prst half with a sumptuous seven-pass move involving Robinson, Kim, Morrison and Valero.
The Tomorrow Band has a second album on Birmingham's Rehab Records just out called 2 to Get Set - yes, the Prst one was called 3 to Get Ready - and will be celebrating the fact at the Rainbow in Digbeth on Wednesday evening.
The United States supported 10 PRSTs condemning international terrorist attacks and one PRST reaffirming the importance of international cooperation and compliance with the requirements of Resolution 1540 in preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
Growing up, there's a lot of pressure on young women, when you Prst become aware of your own looks in relation to other women's looks," she says.