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PS2Sony Play Station 2
PS2Planetside 2 (gaming)
PS2Power Stone 2 (Capcom game)
PS2Photosystem II (photosynthesis)
PS2Pokémon Stadium 2 (video game)
PS2Post Script Level Two
PS2Playstation Two
PS2Personal System Two
PS2Personal System 2 (IBM PC and a connector format)
PS2Personnel Specialist 2nd Class (USN Rating)
PS2Port Security Specialist 2nd Class (USCG rating)
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But that, game-industry experts contend, won't stop the PS2 from reinventing video gaming.
The full list is: Birmingham City PS443,570, Blackburn Rovers PS1,254,610, Bolton Wanderers PS964,869, Brentford PS600,636, Brighton and Hove Albion PS912,421, Bristol City PS231,316, Burnley PS1,363,831, Cardiff City PS2,828,133, Charlton Athletic PS656,759, Derby County PS1,102,071, Fulham PS2,735,336, Huddersfield Town PS429,343, Hull City PS1,813,919, Ipswich Town PS261,347, Leeds United PS786,897, Middlesbrough PS850,285, MK Dons PS672,371, Nottingham Forest PS1,440,730, Preston North End PS194,961, QPR PS2,361,742, Reading PS2,391,666, Rotherham United PS185,430, Sheffield Wednesday PS792,203, Wolves PS849,600.
New Street at Victoria Square The basics: Latte PS2.
The Church of England Birmingham made a loan of PS5,941, Sheldon Community First awarded PS2,500 and South Yardley Community First awarded PS2,500.