PSAAPublic Schools Accountability Act of 1999 (California)
PSAAPenn State Alumni Association (Pennsylvania State University)
PSAAPlan for Software Aspects of Approval
PSAAPuget Sound Adventist Academy
PSAAPolish Singers Alliance of America
PSAAPrivate School Athletic Association
PSAAPennsylvania State Archery Association
PSAAParticularly Sensitive Sea Area
PSAAPacific Special Activities Area
PSAAPhilippine Ship Agents Association
PSAAPagosa Springs Arts Alliance (Pagosa Springs, CO)
PSAAProgram Support Agreement Addendum
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PSAA courses include: The Basic Training Skills Manual (Introduces Service Advisors to the automotive service industry and the basic approaches to creating a Positive Customer Service Experience), The Learn & Earn Workshop Series (Relationship Building Skills that improve customer retention) and The Condition Based Selling Series (the Concept of Conditional Based Selling).
MariE jame-, MariW jame-, however, can be straightforwardly equated with PSaa *jame-, as the same meaning'go numb (of body parts)'is attested in both Mari and Saami.
Angeles on the other hand, said, PSAA is considering how the association and the different ship owners represented in the association, could participate in order to help in the revival of Pasig River ferry system.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the location of the PSAA and its relationship to the alveolar ridge and maxillary sinus using CBCT.
In addition to pneumolysin, other pneumococcal, protein virulence factors, CbpA, PsaA, and surface proteins A, B and C (PspA, PspB, PspC), have also been identified as potential candidates for protein vaccine development.
The PSAA created a system of rewards and sanctions for meeting or not meeting those targets, and established assistance programs for low-performing schools.
To date, the primary DNA sequences that have been used to infer higher order angiosperm phylogenies include the mitochondrial genes atpA, cox1, SSU, the chloroplast genes rbcL psaA, psbB and atpB, and the nuclear small ribosomal subunit (18S).
On the other hand, potential new antigens for vaccine formulations, such as the surface proteins PspA, PspC, PsaA, pneumolysin, BVH-3, and BVH-11, will also need the establishment of reference values.
The PSAA steering committee represents a who's who of national and regional mental health advocacy, service, and research organizations (including consumer-run organizations).
Thus, while the state department stated that growth on the API was the central focus of the PSAA, schools applying for the CSRP in 1999-2000 did not receive their 1999 API scores until January 2000, after they had already written and submitted their award applications.
Under the PSAA, prospective contractors are required to divulge their employees' experience and training; to divulge complaints filed against them for violations of federal, state, or local laws.