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PSACPublic Service Alliance of Canada
PSACPennsylvania State Athletic Conference
PSACPetroleum Services Association of Canada
PSACPuget Sound Agricultural Company (Washington)
PSACPrivate Sector Advisory Committee (various organizations)
PSACPublic Safety Answering Center
PSACPresident's Scientific Advisory Committee
PSACPlan for Software Aspects of Certification
PSACPersian Social Athletic Club (fraternity; University of California; est. 1993)
PSACPentland Sub Aqua Club (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
PSACProblem Solving across the Curriculum (conference)
PSACPortmarnock Sub Aqua Club (Dublin, Ireland)
PSACPresident's Student Advisory Council
PSACProspective Students Advisory Committee (University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois)
PSACPatient Safety Advisory Committee (various organizations)
PSACPort Sunlight Angling Club (UK)
PSACPrivate Sector Adjustment Credit (World Bank)
PSACPower Supply Administrative Complex (DSC)
PSACPublic Service Aikido Club (Ireland)
PSACPersonnel Systems Administrator Course
PSACProspective Students' and Admissions Centre (Murdoch University; Australia)
PSACPeninsula Senior Activity Center (Klipsan Beach, WA)
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As with other fraternal or social clubs in small-town Canada at this time, the PSAC and the YPEA often aided their members' families with funeral arrangements.
While PSAC moves patently unreasonable into the realm of the "clearly irrational", other courts may want to exercise caution in taking the meaning away from the original standard in CUPE.
The PSAC scientists also convinced Eisenhower of a secondary reason to seek a test ban--to spare the world the hazards of harmful radiation produced by nuclear weapons tests.
The XRF results show the presence of similar component in both PAC and PSAC namely methylene (CH2), aluminium (Al), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), Iron (Fe), chlorine (Cl), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), and silica (Si).
PSAC represents office and trades employees, including terminal duty and airside safety officers, airfield operators, firefighters, mechanics and signmakers, whose previous collective agreement expired on December 31, 2012.
Reference Re Public Service Employee Relations Act (Alberta), [1987] 1 SCR 313, 51 Alta LR (2d) 97; PSAC v Canada, [1987] 1 SCR 424, 38 DLR (4th) 249; RWDSU v Saskatchewan, [1987] 1 SCR 460, 38 DLR (4th) 277.
In fact, though early union members may have been active in excluding minorities in the workplace, nowadays, unions tend to be very supportive of employment equity and/or affirmative action policies (see Harre and May 2007; McDermott 1994; PSAC 2009).
8) In addition, President Nixon opted not to appoint new members to PSAC after accepting the pro forma resignation of its members.
PSAC represents around 300 employees who work in roles such as clerical and administration, drafting and illustration, educational support, engineering and scientific support, general labour and trades, general services, information services, commercial relations, revenue collection and customer services.
Sin embargo, antes de dar paso al objetivo principal del presente articulo, primero hare una breve explicacion del uso de las fuentes periodisticas en la investigacion historica; en segundo lugar se expondran los hechos desde la fundacion del PSAC hasta su consolidacion politica; a continuacion se hara referencia a la historia de la prensa en Campeche, y, por ultimo, se analizara al Rojo Amanecer como herramienta de estudio de la propuesta politica en Campeche durante la tercera decada del siglo XX, con la finalidad principal de mostrar cuales eran los objetivos principales de ese rotativo, su tiraje, su estilo, y algunos ejemplos del programa y las ideas contenidos en sus paginas.
PSAC I exists, but not all personnel have been moved there yet.
Cultivar PSAC PSRC NGD 'Perola' 38,28 a 2,62 a 8,25 a 'Smooth' 30,71 b 2,04 ab 6,67 ab 'Jupi' 23,47 c 1,22 b 5,91 b Media 30,82 1,96 6,94 CV (%) 19,63 57,99 32,54 Medias seguidas de mesma letra nas colunas nao diferem entre si, pelo teste de Tukey (P > 0,05).