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PSARAPassenger Shipping Association Retail Agents scheme (United Kingdom)
PSARAPuget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans (Washington)
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Five men arrested by the Greek ship Psara after an attack on a Norwegian oil tanker flying the Danish flag, the Sigloo Tor, on 30 March 2009.
Our business has seen a steady growth over the past six years with an 80 per cent growth rate since last year," said Leo Psara, chairman of Minerva.
Leo Psara, Chairman of Minerva comments, "Our business has seen a steady growth over the past six years with an 80% growth rate since last year.
Although it does not have a provenance which goes back to the sixteenth century, since the church of the Dormition in which it was found is an early-nineteenth-century building, it has been argued that it was transferred there from the Aegean island of Psara in 1824.
Angelica Palli, Alessio ossia gli ultimi giorni di Psara (2003).
Ces multiples references frolent la surcharge semiotique et desorientent le lecteur, effet bien entendu recherche puisqu'il accentue le role de l'Apparence, notamment dans la societe mondaine (voir par exemple le personnage de Dario de La Psara dans Monsieur de Phocas, "peintre attitre des elegances cosmopolites" (153) et pseudonyme limpide d'Antonio de la Gandara).
has changed to Neo-'ap'el mapsore as a causative of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] psara 'to melt, thaw, intrans.
The starting line was just outside Piraeus and and the stopovers were Santorini, Patmos and Psara.
Tenders are invited for Construction of New School for Psara and Dolni Jircany.
Ayia Napa will also host the opening of an exhibition on Friday when the fine art exhibition by Marianna Psara entitled The Forgotten Art -- When Life Turns to Stone will be presented at the Thalassa Museum.
After Greek Commodore Antonios Papaioannou, who commanded from December to March from the Greek frigate Psara, a Spaniard, Juan Garat Carame, took over in April 2009.
Check whether your travel agent or cruise line are members of the PSARA.