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PRVPatent- och Registreringsverket (Swedish Patent Office)
PRVPressure Regulating/Regulator Valve
PRVProgramu Rozvoje Venkova (Czech: Rural Development Programme)
PRVPressure Reducing Valve
PRVPressure Relief Valve
PRVPseudorabies Virus
PRVPeugeot Renault Volvo
PRVPlanning Organ-at-Risk Volume (oncology)
PRVPlatte River Valley
PRVPower Roof Ventilator
PRVPolycythemia Rubra Vera
PRVPeak Reverse Voltage
PRVPlant Replacement Value
PRVPaint Rock Valley (Alabama)
PRVPeugeot Renault Volvo (joint engine design/manufacturing)
PRVPersonnel Recovery Vehicle
PRVPermanent Resident Visa
PRVPost Residual Volume (urology)
PRVPriority Review Voucher
PRVPlate-forme de Realite Virtuelle
PRVPokemon: Ruby Version (game)
PRVPowered Room Ventilator
PRVPokemon: Red Version (game)
PRVPolyester Renforcé de Fibre de Verre (French: Reinforced Polyester Fiberglass)
PRVPearl River Valley Railroad Company
PRVPhenomena Research Victoria (Australia)
PRVProduction Representative Vehicle (US Army)
PRVPropellant Valve
PRVPackage Receipt Voucher
PRVPipe Rupture Valve
PRVPerformance Readiness Validation
PRVPeak Reverse Velocity
PRVPoly Reinforced Vinyl
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A DNA vaccine coding for gB and gD of pseudorabies virus (suid herpes type 1) primes the immune system in the presence of maternal immunity more efficiently than conventionalvaccines.
In other studies at NADC, Mengeling and veterinary co-workers Kelly Lager, David Volz, and Susan Brockmeier found that diseaseproducing (virulent) strains of pseudorabies virus and presently used vaccines can establish latent infection in the same pig and then be reactivated simultaneously.
Besides helping the pseudorabies eradication program, the information Cheung has provided about latency of the pseudorabies virus could be used to study herpes simplex viruses in humans.
His research interests focus on the epidemiology and molecular biology of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and pseudorabies virus.
Mutations affecting the UL21 gene contribute to avirulence of pseudorabies virus vaccine strain Bartha.
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