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PSYOPSPsychological Operations (plural, PSYOP is preferred)
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Recently, the Army Times carried a story about how a psyops sergeant broadcast the following message to the Taliban to draw them out in the open by insulting them: "Attention, Taliban, you are all cowardly dogs.
36) Specifically, "there must be close cooperation and coordination between PSYOP and PA staffs in order to maintain credibility with their respective audiences," however, their activities and products must remain separate and distinct.
But unlike the intended audience of Rumsfeld's ill-fated PSYOPS command center, the program Barstow revealed was clearly designed to influence the American people, and it was as deceptive as any propaganda-dropping overseas.
The role of propaganda and psyops is pivotal for deterrence through a host population and for reducing the ability of the natural constituency of the terrorists to recruit to the organization.
He is largely critical of American use of PSYOPs as a tactical weapon intended to instill fear in the enemy, a practice that continues today in Iraq and Afghanistan, arguing that it is strategically counterproductive in that it undermines efforts to win hearts and minds and damages American credibility both domestically and abroad.
If they are the target, we should be working on armor, intel, or psyops.
Influence operations is a very broad term, and information operations is also a very broad term and incorporates a number of pieces underneath it, including military deception, electronic warfare, PsyOps (psychological operations) and computer network ops.
Involvement in Southeast Asia (June 22, 1964); NSAM 313, Public Comment by Officials Re SE Asia as Reported in Washington Newspapers (July 31, 1964); NSAM 325, Informational and Psychological Warfare Programs in South Vietnam (March 12, 1965); and NSAM 330, Intensified and Expanded PsyOps Activities in Vietnam (April 9, 1965).
They also have individuals specially trained in OPSEC, and there may be someone in the unit who's focused strictly on electronic warfare--but no division has an inherent PSYOPS capability.
Consider as a paradigm Matthew Ronay's installation Mummyhands Bagpipe Psyops (We Don't Need No Oxygen
England, 21, said the horrifying photos taken of her terrorising detainees were intended for PsyOps (psychological operations).