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PSYOPSPsychological Operations (plural, PSYOP is preferred)
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As observed by Air Force officials in 1971, scrutiny of the entire airborne support of PSYOP in Southeast Asia renders "a nebulous picture of a protracted program which almost defies measurement, involving substantial expenditures in dollars and effort.
PSYOPs, for instance, entail persuasion in that one hears echoes of retail tycoon John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.
In short, US psyops amount to psychological warfare, which has a history that goes as far back as the First World War.
119) Consequently, several Filipino military personnel flew to the United States to receive training in CMO, PSYOPS, and COIN courses.
36) Specifically, "there must be close cooperation and coordination between PSYOP and PA staffs in order to maintain credibility with their respective audiences," however, their activities and products must remain separate and distinct.
But unlike the intended audience of Rumsfeld's ill-fated PSYOPS command center, the program Barstow revealed was clearly designed to influence the American people, and it was as deceptive as any propaganda-dropping overseas.
popping to tourist flashbulbs, our psyops more devious since Pearl
Villagran asserts that these were the people who concocted Rosenberg's accusatory video, utilizing the same kinds of psychological operations and many of the same psyops specialists that proved effective during the civil war that ended in 1996.
Reports from inside Israeli intelligence suggest that the war-planners who induced the 2003 invasion of Iraq began their psyops campaign no later than 1986 when an Israeli Mossad operation (Operation Trojan) made it appear that the Libyan leadership was transmitting terrorist directives from Tripoli to their embassies worldwide.
Cualquier iniciativa, independientemente de quien la plantee, debe pasar por un proceso de aprobaciones multiples, que incluye responsables de psyops, abogados y mandos militares de alta graduacion.
He had two JTACs and our attached PSYOPs team in the troop compartment.