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PUAPick Up Artist
PUAPrivate Use Area (Unicode E000-F8FF)
PUAPotentially Unwanted Application (antivirus software)
PUAPaid-Up Additions (life insurance)
PUAProfiling User Agent
PUAPacket Uplink Assignment (GPRS)
PUAProfile User Agent
PUAPotentiell Unerwünschten Anwendungen (German)
PUAPrimeras Lineas Uruguayas de Navegacion Aerea, Uruguay (ICAO code)
PUAPlataforma per a la Unitat d'Acció (Platform for the Unity of Action; Catalan nationalist activist group)
PUAPiano Utilizzo Agronomico (Italian: Agronomy Use Plan)
PUAProbabilistic Uncertainty Analysis
PUAPeri-Urban Authority (Swaziland)
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Therefore, the objective of this research is to investigate the formation of polymer hybrids of the two resins cured under different mechanisms and to evaluate properties of the UV curable PUA by alloying with the thermal curable benzoxazine resin.
The ratings could be negatively affected by deterioration in the company's liquidity position; a failure by the PUA and/ or government to provide support; IEC experiencing material difficulties in refinancing debt; a larger-than-expected capex programme leading to a materially higher debt burden and weaker credit metrics; a restructuring of IEC or the sector that weakens the company's commercial position and strategic importance to Israel more than expected; and, negative changes in the rating of the Government of Israel (A1 stable).
In the example above, the PUA bought at age 65 would provide $650 in tax-free cash and a loss of $1,000 in death benefit.
22), (23) In the case of PUA composed of hard and soft segment domains, the hard segment lamellae sensitive to applied stress can be tilted toward the stretching direction under low strain, and under high strain, they align parallel to the stretching direction.
Here's a comparison of what he can expect if he purchases a base whole life insurance policy versus the same base policy with an annual PUA rider.
However Strauss might think he's faring with the blonde uber-babes, British female reviewers would clearly rather retire to bed with a mug of cocoa rather than a PUA.
This practical article helps you ensure that you've selected the best materials and conditions for your PUA coldbox coremaking process.
Critics of the PUA Community have been very outspoken and refer to the community as sexist, misogynist and pseudo-scientific.
As an Arab and Muslim woman I am affected by my culture and religion and I want to spread it to the world," said Samah Ali, a Palestinian fashion student at PUA.
The UV curing of the dry film was markedly accelerated by adding to the PUA formulation a reactive plasticizer (diacrylate monomer), by operating in a humid atmosphere or by raising the temperature.
The PUA requires companies to provide customers with "written information that adequately discloses, in plain language, the prices, terms and conditions" of their offers.