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People interested in more information about the Public Action to Deliver Shelter program in Simi Valley can call Virginia Nelson at (805) 579-9166.
John Purvis, director of the Public Action to Deliver Shelter program since 1995, said his experience has also shown him that people are homeless for a variety of complex reasons.
The group is expected to conclude its work in November when the overnight shelter program, Public Action to Deliver Shelter, is scheduled to resume.
When that program, the Public Action to Deliver Shelter, closes later this month, homeless people will have no overnight shelter in Simi Valley, a city that bans overnight camping on most public and private properties.
Members of the church groups and service organizations, including The Samaritan Center and the coalition of church groups that put together the Public Action to Deliver Shelter winter program, were expected to choose their own representatives.
The city generally has relied on a few agencies to meet the needs of its homeless population, including the Public Action to Deliver Shelter program, the Samaritan Center, local churches, the Simi Valley Free Clinic and Care and Share.
Mayor-elect Bill Davis said the city is relying on the Public Action to Deliver Shelter program until a long-term solution is found.
However, city officials have said they already provide shelter through the city's seasonal Public Action to Deliver Shelter program, which provides shelter at local churches during the winter months.
Last year, nonprofit groups that requested funds included the Samaritan Center and the Public Action to Deliver Shelter Program, which helps needy and homeless people get off the streets and into jobs.
The volunteers help the homeless through the Samaritan Center and Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS) program, which provide the needy with food, shelter and other assistance.
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