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PPDPost Paid
PPDPostpartum Depression
PPDPurified Protein Derivative (skin test agent; tuberculosis)
PPDPessoas Portadoras de Deficiencia (Portuguese: Persons with Disabilities; various locations)
PPDPostscript Printer Description
PPDPartido Popular Democrático (Popular Democratic Party, political party, Puerto Rico)
PPDPostponed (sporting events)
PPDPartnership for People with Disabilities (formerly Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities; Virginia Commonwealth University)
PPDPartido por la Democracia (Party for Democracy, Chile)
PPDPanasonic Plasma Display (Japan)
PPDPhiladelphia Police Department
PPDPay Per Download (sales)
PPDPresidential Policy Directive
PPDPermanent Partial Disability (insurance)
PPDPagan Pride Day
PPDPharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.
PPDPost-Potter Depression
PPDPoints per Day
PPDParanoid Personality Disorder
PPDPaid per Download (online advertising)
PPDPractice and Personal Development
PPDProcess and Product Design
PPDPsychopathic Personality Disorder
PPDPartners in Population and Development (various nations)
PPDPublic Power District (Nebraska)
PPDPiezo Pumpe Duse
PPDPrint Preview Dialog
PPDProtection of Personal Data
PPDPseudo Processor Device
PPDPerl Package Distribution
PPDPassenger Presence Detection
PPDPlasma Panel Display
PPDPacks Per Day (cigarettes)
PPDPartial Packet Discard
PPDPassenger Presence Detection (sensor)
PPDPer Patient Day
PPDParty for Democratic Prosperity (The Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia)
PPDPostScript Printer Definition
PPDPhoenix Police Department (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
PPDPersonal & Professional Development
PPDPost Party Depression
PPDPersonal Protection Device
PPDPartito Popolare Democratico (Italian: People's Democratic Party; Switzerland)
PPDPounds Per Day (unit of measure for feeding chlorine gas with a rotameter tube)
PPDPublished Price to Dealer
PPDPour Point Depressant
PPDPortland Police Department
PPDPartia e Prosperitetit Demokratik (democratic prosperity party; Kosovo)
PPDPharmaceutical Products Division
PPDProcess Piping Designer
PPDPredicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (polling)
PPDPractitioner Professional Development (UK)
PPDProfessional Personal Development (various organizations)
PPDParaphenylene-Diamine (allergen)
PPDPersonal Property Division (JPPSO)
PPDPost-Partum Doula (childbirth)
PPDPresidential Protective Division (United States Secret Service)
PPDPoints Per Dart
PPDPlano Police Department (Plano, Texas)
PPDPhysician Practice Documentation (software)
PPDPayment Processing Direct (credit card processing)
PPDProgressive Pseudorheumatoid Dysplasia
PPDProposal Package Description
PPDPersonal Profile Data (health records)
PPDPrepare to Die (gaming)
PPDPlant Population Density
PPDPolish Pentax Days (photography)
PPDPresidential Program Directive (US DHHS)
PPDPlasmatic Pulsar Device (Star Trek)
PPDPharmacy Practice Division (University of Wisconsin)
PPDPresidential Protective Detail
PPDPublic Procurement Directives (European Commission)
PPDProgram for People with Disabilities
PPDPrediction Probe Detector
PPDProject Proposal Document
PPDProyecto de Pequeñas Donaciones (Spanish: Small Project Grants; Mexico)
PPDProject-Peculiar Document
PPDPatent Policy Directorate (Canada)
PPDProduct Planning & Development
PPDPoughkeepsie Police Department (New York)
PPDPacket Pair Dispersion
PPDProduction Program Definition (document)
PPDPlans and Programs Detachment
PPDPropulsion and Powertrain Division
PPDPhysical Page of Data
PPDProgram Package Document
PPDProject Plan Document
PPDPoint Positioning Data
PPDPulse Position Data
PPDParts Per Deciliter
PPDPostal Presort Defaults
PPDprepubertal diabetic
PPDProgram/Project Planning Document
PPDPrimary Power Distribution
PPDProposed Plan Distribution
PPDPrimary Policy Database (Safenet)
PPDProfessional Product Device
PPDPrincipals, Partners and Directors (consulting and auditing firms)
PPDPetroleum Production Division
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For TB control, the tuberculin skin-test, based on the inoculation of purified protein derivatives (PPDs), has been employed worldwide as the standard diagnostic method designated by the World Organization for Animal Health (9).
Proteomic analysis of purified protein derivative of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
A spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive said: "We are working closely with our colleagues in the Department of Health to increase the availability of the purified protein derivative so that the school BCG programme can go ahead as normal.
A chancre will appear at the site of inoculation, usually on the hands, feet, or limbs, but the purified protein derivative skin test may be negative in the early phase of the disease.
She was known to have had a significantly positive purified protein derivative test, and she had completed 12 months of isoniazid prophylaxis 3 years earlier.
Researchers at the University of Modena in Italy found that using a Western blot test to detect an antibody marker for Mycobacterium tuberculosis(MTB) is more sensitive than using a skin reaction to tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) to detect exposure among healthcare workers.
Contract notice: Contract for the supply of tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD).
Because of reactivity in testing with purified protein derivative, isoniazid chemoprophylaxis was started 2 weeks before infliximab therapy.
Test for tuberculin with a purified protein derivative test.
Patients with nontuberculous mycobacteria tend to be younger (aged 1-4 years), to have been born in the United States, to have normal chest x-rays, to have 5-15 mm induration on a purified protein derivative skin test, and to have anterior, unilateral node involvement.
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