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Although Urdu is an official language of Pakistan, it is spoken as a first language by only 8% of the population; 48% speak Punjabi, 12% Sindhi, 10% Saraiki, 8% Pushtu, 3% Baloch, and 3% other.
He speaks English and French and has knowledge of Russian, Farsi, Dari, Pushtu, Arabic, Latvian, Spanish and Albanian.
Further to point three, the Pakistan military (mostly Punjabi/Urdu speaking) is in full retreat from the mostly Pushtu and Balochi speaking northwest frontier area that form the border with Afghanistan.
They each gave me a hug, and their traditional Punjabi greeting was music to my ears after listening to a lot of Pushtu.
In this book goes from Morocco in the West to Afghanistan in the East, comprising lands in which the predominant languages are Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Pushtu.
Nooria, an eighth grade advanced level student, used her native language, Pushtu, to explain the assignment to Hamida, and to tell her that she could tell the story in her own language.
People in Birmingham may have these links, because we have a big Pushtu community who have family there.