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There were a lot of kids the same age so we used to wash them, carve out all the middle, make a top cover and put string on the sides for carrying, stick a candle in the middle and go around the streets in the dark scaring all who dared venture near us.
She used to put string attached to all the doors, with four locks on the front door and she always said to me, "Come in, but be quiet the Russians are coming".
It's understanding how some little round stones can become marbles and then become a game or how you could take the brown things that fall off horse chestnut trees, drill a hole in, put string through and using it to play.
Put string through the holes in the two pipe supports as shown.
Although the reasons remain unclear, the surprising result identifies a way to put string theory to the test.
I have also put string silencers on my harnesses, and that also helps slightly.
But Fran went over the songs and added bass parts himself and put string parts on the songs like the title track A Book Like This.
I WOULD like to inform the mindless idiot who put string across the gully reaching from Dickens Avenue onto Ball Road, Llanrumney, of what happened.
Although they couldn't find the back of the net, College did manage to put string together some fine passing.
The "hidden" fact is that some people spread lies, they're the ones who harm the strays, stone them, catch the little dogs and put strings on their necks, try to burn them alive, try to run over them, and then they run away, and the harmed dog would chase them for sure.
People who cannot put strings of sentences together in good order cannot think.
This means no NFL tickets, no fancy dinners, nothing for spouses, no free computers, and don't put strings on any kind of 'educational grant.