PWSAPrader-Willi Syndrome Association
PWSAPittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (Pittsburgh, PA)
PWSAPorts and Waterways Safety Act
PWSAProvincial Women's Softball Association (Ontario, Canada)
PWSAPort and Waterways Safety Act of 1972
PWSAPrinted Wide-Slot Antenna
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7) Therefore, Congress must modify the PWSA to classify the offense of failure to notify as a point-in-time offense.
21) In 1978, the Port Tanker Safety Act (PTSA) modified both the Tank Vessel Act and the PWSA by requiring the Secretary of Transportation to regulate tank vessels in various ways.
93) The PWSA provides an additional reason why Title VII should cover grooming and appearance regulation by tying such regulations to sexual stereotypes and by identifying sexual stereotypes as evidence of sex discrimination.
The administration's PWSA faced considerable criticism.
The PWSA authorizes the COTP to establish maritime "safety zones" to prevent damage or destruction by controlling access to a certain fixed geographical sector or an area surrounding a transiting vessel.
EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS--Few other resources in the world, if any, provide the educational and syndrome management publications of PWSA (USA), thanks to thousands of hours of donated time and skills by professionals and parents.
org; or can be obtained by calling the PWSA of MN, Inc.
to execute a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), a data management tool that will allow PWSA to make better infrastructure maintenance conclusions.
For more current information on PWS, log on to the PWSA (USA) Web site at http://www.
PWSA board members are scheduled to award contracts for the project, which represents about 15 percent of the authority%s $156 million, four-year capital budget and should help ensure quality water for 20 years.