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PYMPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
PYMPlymouth, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
PYMPlan Your Meetings (Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing Inc.)
PYMPacific Yacht Ministries (Australia)
PYMParish Youth Ministries (various locations)
PYMPanafrican Youth Movement (now Panafraican Youth Union)
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Participants in that debate usually maintain that Pym is in direct dialogue with one of the more divisive issues --slavery--touching domestic life in the 1830s.
Pym makes fun of the anthropologists, the argument goes, because they remain for her "irritating writers," a convenient focus for her frustration that she could not subsist solely on the income from her own writing.
As well as the departure of Henry Harvey for Finland, summer 1934 saw Barbara Pym beginning her career as a novelist as she wrote the first version of Some Tame Gazelle.
She does not, however, examine the romantic plot conventions that Pym subverts.
Deepest sympathy to all The Pyms family on your sad loss.
In the PYM version, crab meat is mixed with the lukadon, topped with lemon grass stalks, mint leaf and fresh shrimp, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed for several minutes.
Since June 2013, Mr Pym has acted as chairman of Britain s Co-Operative Bank, however in May declared his desire to step down from the role.
VERDICT: Polished performance from Pym (Virago, pounds 7.
Mr Pym joined as chief executive a month before its savings arm was sold to Abbey and its lending business was nationalised last September.
Richard Pym, Richard Edwards, Richard Boggis-Rolfe and Oliver Howl; Marc Reeves, Richard Edwards and Richard Pym; Matt Whittle, Debbie Sutton and Jane Whitlock; Tom Naylor, Alan Jones and Andrea Howl
WINNING TEAM: Ian Todd of Snugtop UK, centre, congratulates Ingleby Barwick Mixed Open winners Sarah Pym and Ray Pope
Mark Stevens has quit UK's buy-to-let lender Bradford & Bingley (B&B) (LSE: BB) as its sales director two weeks after the company announced the appointment of new chief executive Richard Pym, The Guardian has reported.