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This model is composed of the electric model generated by Q3D Extractor, representing the parasitic elements, and the electric models of the semi-conductors.
The Q3D audio positional technology brings a surround-sound experience to the wireless device by controlling the position of virtual sound sources in the space around the listener's head.
Q3D provides cardiac and vascular post processing services via a proprietary, dedicated high-speed network.
QXpander is a registered trademark and Q3D, QSizzle and QRumble are trademarks of QSound Labs, Inc.
Q3D Extractor v8 includes a new capacitance solver that is capable of extracting the capacitance and conductance with lossy dielectrics.
That's why the collaboration between Q3D and MultiGen-Paradigm engineers is so important -- their efforts have produced a unique combination of performance, fidelity and ease-of-use that will greatly benefit system integrators deploying training systems for correlated IR, NVG and visible spectrum synthetic environment applications.
Q3B Brand Specifiers, Q3C Enterprise Buyers, Q3D Lead purchase initiative
5 is a suite of tools composed of Maxwell 2D Extractor, Maxwell Q3D Extractor, a GUI based schematic capture tool, and Maxwell SPICE.
3 -- Support for Sun Solaris 8 and 9 -- Solver on Demand for HFSS -- Automatically generate ports, boundary box and 3D structure -- New component grouping feature -- Represent components with multiple models (HFSS, netlist, planarEM) -- Cache solution data across multiple instances for SOD elements (planarEM, HFSS, Q3D Extractor(R)) -- Design Verification -- Scripted Design Rule Checking (DRC) -- DRC supports creating, checking, and fixing layout directly from within the Ansoft Designer layout editor.
The resulting models can be used by Ansoft's electromagnetic analysis tools, Ansoft HFSS and Maxwell(R) Q3D Extractor.
This Ansoft-pioneered graphical user interface and desktop environment, presently available with HFSS(TM), Q3D Extractor(R) and Ansoft Designer(R), increases engineering productivity through new geometry creation/import, integrated parameterization and optimization, model resolution, healing techniques and electrically aware meshing.
Maxwell Spicelink is composed of Maxwell 2D Extractor, Maxwell Q3D Extractor, a GUI based schematic capture tool, and Maxwell SPICE.