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QAEQuebec Association of Educators (aka Association des Éducateurs et des Éducatrices du Québec; Canada)
QAEQuality Assurance Engineer
QAEQuality Assurance Evaluator
QAEQuality Assurance Executive
QAEQuality at Entry (evaluation)
QAEQuality Assessment and Evaluation
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As long as the quality assurance a QAE provides is sufficiently valuable to GSPs' customers, GSPs will pay for it and that QAE will flourish.
The profitability and growth of GSPs that try to go it alone are likely to suffer, however, in industries where large numbers of their potential customers want the kind of information only a QAE can provide.
As a result, these early data demanded the development of a clean-up procedure that would permit the quantitative determination of both QA, QAEs and the total QA in AC-11, AIO or AC-11 + AIO mixtures.
The primary bioactive components attributed to the antiaging properties of AC-11 , a water soluble Uncaria extract, were identified first in 2000 as CAEs (18-20, 22 - 24), then QAEs (17, 21) and finally as QA (17,25).
Each evaluator in the QAE conducts two internal evaluations per week and provides this data to the appropriate course manager or training developer.
Chemical TASS battalions are accredited every three years, and the Chemical School QAE serves as the primary agency responsible for conducting the evaluations.
QAE represented 21 percent of TAE in the first quarter and 32 percent in the fourth quarter, suggesting seasonality and highlighting the fact that pooling data across quarters may result in lost information.
Given the importance of the income-expenditure relationship in neoclassical demand theory, the discussion begins with the relationship of TQE (the proxy for income) to QAE for the consumer units in the sample.
These provisions are effective for tax years beginning after 1996; an expense paid (by a cash-basis taxpayer) or incurred (by an accrual-basis taxpayer) in a tax year beginning before 1997 is not a QAE eligible for credit or exclusion.
2) was then applied to a QAE Sephadex A-50 ion exchange column (2.
At the heart of measuring and documenting how well the contractor is performing (both negative and positive incentives) lies the QAE function.