QAICQualified Aerospace Instructors Course (UK)
QAICQuality Assurance and Improvement Committee
QAICQuality Assured Independent Consultants (certification quality scheme)
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8), although by convention more complicated models are not favored over simpler models that have lower QAIC scores.
8 Model QAIC * Cumulative weight weight Depth + [depth.
In an information-theoretic context, over-parameterized models would simply be penalized for requiring additional parameters to explain the same amount of variation in the data and therefore would be unlikely to be selected with QAIC.
3); the base model plus a hook main effect received majority support as the best fitting model and models that included hook-user, hook-leader, and hook-species interactions had QAIC values within four units of the best fitting model.
TM]] and its QAIC supplement empower diagnostic specialists and healthcare organizations to better manage diagnostic quality: it dramatically enhances the ability to actively manage and improve service levels and response times at an institutional, regional, state or provincial level, while equalizing service, and improving access to care and sub-specialties.
TM]] and QAIC were specifically designed to automate and optimize the largest, pan-Canadian remote diagnosis network,in cooperation with over 60+ radiologists and cardiologists, who work closely with their on-site colleagues.
We selected a model, based on the lowest QAIC value, in which rates of survival varied by time (trapping session) and rates of recapture varied by group (site).
We did not use QAIC to re-rank models, instead including a random effect in the regression models to account for any dispersion problems in the data (SAS Institute 2003).