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QAPQuadratic Assignment Problem
QAPQoS Access Point
QAPQueue Adjustment Policy
QAPQuadripartite Advisory Publication
QAPQualification and Acceptance Program
QAPQualified Armed Posseman
QAPQuad Arithmetic Processor
QAPQuestionable Alternative Practices (alternative medicine)
QAPQuality Assurance Plan
QAPQuality Assurance Provision
QAPQuality Assurance Procedure
QAPQuality Assurance Personnel
QAPQuality Assurance Protocol
QAPQualified Allocation Plan (housing tax credit program)
QAPQuality Assurance Program
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To confirm the minimal impact of these small operations, one need only look to Saudi Arabia, where Saudi security forces took out al-Muqrin and many top QAP operatives between 2003 and 2004, soon after establishment of their Arabian network.
Similarly, this text is written in the context of QAP and with that very specific environment in mind.
David Heller of NRP Group, an Ohio-based developer and manager of multifamily housing, says NRP ensures it is familiar with each QAP by developing checklists based on the QAP.
In the third part, we shall look at why and how so many of the QAP militants had gone to Afghanistan between 1999 and 2001.
The first element of the QAP is the FE-BR system test program.
The stringent requirements of the Genscape QAP program will allow PFL to broker their approved plants' RINs on equal footing with those from the largest producers.
On September and October QAP team launched eWizard, the most easy-to-use platform for creating and adjusting interactive presentations, integrated into Salesforce.
QAP, the exclusive advisor to the Cayman Island based HTS Derivative Investment Fund, joins the ranks of fund managers, wealth managers and individual investors around the globe that are using the CarryQuote solution.
Genscape is the only QAP provider to announce that it will provide QAP-A RINs.
QAP was also established to assist third party payers in the choice of quality vendors.
Housing developers must compete to win the tax credits and the QAP provides the program requirements and scoring framework for awarding the credits.