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QATQuality Assurance Team
QATQuality Action Team
QATQatar (ISO 3-letter country code)
QATQuick Access Toolbar (computing)
QATQuality Assurance Technician
QATQuick Action Team
QATQualification Approval Test
QATQualification Acceptance Test
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In the weeks following Al-Alimi's instruction, military police were regularly seen monitoring Sana'a's bigger qat markets such as in the Al-Hasaba and Shumaila neighborhoods, according to researcher and author Peer Gatter.
I don't chew Qat and personally I am ardently opposed to it.
Growing political resistance to a conference on qat
With the resource base of the Yemeni regime having stabilized due to high oil prices and the resumption of lending by international donors, the political discussion on qat quickly died down following the First National Conference on Qat in 2002.
89 million narcotic pills, 1,460 kg of hashish, 19,482 kg of qat and 5.
Regarding qat, the World Bank made further recommendations to the government in its 1997 strategy paper "Towards a Water Strategy," advising the government to include qat in national statistics, make it the object of research and extension in order to exploit water saving potential, and support a long-term education and public awareness campaign on qat.
18h00 Salle Bejaoui: CS Sakiet Ezzit (Tun) - Club Qat (Qat) Gr B
Addressing the protesters, QAT Thar chapter leaders advocate Shahnawaz HingAorjo, Mohammad Nohrio and Irshad Samoon strongly condemned the police's failure in arresting the killers of two trader brothers murdered in Mithi town during a robbery attempt in January.
The rally was led by Zafar Ghallo, the divisional leader QAT, Zafar Channa, Zahid Bhanbhro, the president and General Secretary Shikarpur chapter.
Mohamed Salah Qat and Abbad Qat two young men from Madma south of Nablus were also arrested.
5 Kgs/hr & 2 Kgs/hr of Kgs Industries Devices make under Central Chlorination Cell, QAT wing HMWSSB
Mubarak Yousuf A S al-Rumaihi, QAT (Limoncello 6) 38.