QATCQatar Automobile and Touring Club
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The governing board of the QATC decides the corporations strategies and its operational, administrative and financial policies.
During the QATC Annual Conference, Kristyn Emenecker, solutions marketing director, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, will present this interactive session focused on the evolution and impact of quality monitoring.
During the course of her career, Smith has spoken at many contact center conferences such as Call Center Demo and Conference, BAI Smart Tactics, Call Center Summit, ACCE, CCSF, QATC, NBCCIA, IARE, ICCM, IQPC and NCOF offering her practical experience as a contact center leader and consultant.
With support from leading call center industry networking and educational organizations including CCNG (Call Center Network Group), QATC, SWPP, CRMXchange, Contact Professional, CRMAdvocate and Call Center Times, the 2009 Call Center Optimization Forum seminars will outline breakthrough strategies and techniques that can be used to exceed customer expectations, raise performance standards, intelligently trim costs and achieve attendees' personal career goals.