QAZQuick Access Zone
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Also in October, there were reports that the QAZ Worm virus (W32.
Netspionage threats, from the QAZ worm and others like it, represent a tremendous, but unpublicized threat to the business enterprise," said Brad Schrader, president of Mail.
Following recent hacks exposing Microsoft product code, BindView Corporation (NASDAQ: BVEW), a leading provider of IT administration and security management solutions, today announced Trojan Scout, software that not only identifies the security vulnerability created by the QAZ Trojan, but also offers instruction for closing the "backdoor" created as a result of the intrusion.
An attacker uses the QAZ Trojan to ride on the coat tails of a company's remote user.
The worm, QAZ Trojan, successfully accessed Microsoft's network and may have compromised the source code for the company's newest software -- information some consider the most valuable Microsoft owns.
the premier antivirus and security specialist for groupware solutions was proud to report that their customers remained uninfected by the virus tagged QAZ.
News sources reported that the hackers appear to have used the QAZ Trojan, malicious code in the form of a benign application, to access the corporate computers at Microsoft.