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QBDQuality by Design (FDA Initiative)
QBDQuasi-Birth-And-Death (process)
QBDQueens Bench Division
QBDQueensland Book Depot (Australia)
QBDQoS Bearer Descriptor
QBDQuickBooks Dos
QBDQuantum Barrier Device
QBDQuantifiable Backup Data (Earned Value Management)
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The inaugural edition of the 'Made at Home' exhibition is organised by Qatar Development Bank (QDB), in partnership with Qatar Chamber, said QBD CEO Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa.
2]=j): 0 [less than or equal to] k [less than or equal to] m, j [greater than or equal to] 0} forms QBD process on state space
of the QBD process X is denoted by L(j) ={(k, j); k=0,1, .
denotes the steady state probability distribution of the QBD process X.
2] = j) obtained from the QBD process X forms an aperiodic and positive recurrent Markov Chain with infinitesimal generator G = (A+B+D) on the state space M={0, 1, 2, .
The drift to the higher numbered levels L(j+1) from the level L(j) must be strictly less than the drift to the lower levels L(j-1) for most of the j values" must hold for a QBD process to be ergodic[16].
It is advisable to have a discussion on obtaining conditions between the threshold value m, the input and output rates of the QBD processes X.
It is now possible to evaluate several performance indices and measures of the three server queues under study using its steady state probability distribution [PI] of the QBD process X computed by (4) and the marginal distribution obtained by (8).
Where appropriate, laboratories QBD concerned may be included in the scope of this contract by amendment