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QCLQueensland Country Life (publication; Australia)
QCLQuantum Cascade Laser
QCLQueen Charlotte Lodge (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
QCLQuality Control Level
QCLQuick Check List
QCLQuality Class Level
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They also pave the way for commercial acceptance of very high power QCL systems that is already happening today.
Mark Carter, CEO of QCL, explained, "This technology provides unique flexibility and workflow capabilities that enable us to explore alternative business models.
Following the success of those products, Block has applied its extensive knowledge of spectroscopy and chemical detection towards the commercialization of its high performance QCL based spectrometers, such as the LaserScan (TM) Analyzer.
Even though QCL systems were first demonstrated more than 16 years ago at Bell Labs, it is only through Pranalytica's recent offerings that high-power, continuous wave, room temperature turnkey QCLs have become commercially available for the first time.
Daylight Solutions and its wholly owned subsidiary Daylight Defense, LLC, have leveraged their core technology in QCL modules to create multiple versions of its JammIR(TM) line of products.
4 Block Engineering: Developer Of High Performance QCL and FT-IR Spectrometers 618 5.
With this most recent set of Government witnessed tests, the capabilities of Daylight's QCL based JammIR[TM] laser systems have now been validated to protect both large aircraft as well as smaller fixed and rotary wing aircraft against missile threats, such as man portable air defense systems (MANPADS).
When infrared light from the QCL reflects off of substances, it gets absorbed or reflected at rates that are absolutely unique to and characteristic of the substance.
These QCL systems will address emerging requirements for directional infrared countermeasure (IRCM) systems.
Following the success of its commercial-off-the-shelf passive FTIR products, such as MCAD and PORTHOS, Block MEMS has applied its extensive knowledge of spectroscopy and chemical detection towards the development of its high performance QCL based spectrometers, including LaserScan (TM).
GENERAL SCOPE AND DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Consultants selected for the QCL and subsequently awarded a contract may be requested to provide a variety of Engineering and other related Services.