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QCLQueensland Country Life (publication; Australia)
QCLQuantum Cascade Laser
QCLQueen Charlotte Lodge (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
QCLQuality Control Level
QCLQuick Check List
QCLQuality Class Level
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Bruker Optics said novel QCL technology can offer speed advantages for infrared and Raman microscopy of large sampling areas, with promise for the selective screening of biological tissues.
QCL provides analysis on a variety of products including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and personal care products, as well as, a wide variety of environmental samples.
The QCL laser produces radiation at specific wavelengths in the mid-infrared region, allowing measurement of the various nitrogen compounds that exhibit high sensitivity in this region.
The FA1, QCL cement, and additional components of FAP1 had a pH of 11.
He demonstrates that for his sample of countries, the political account correlates more strongly than QCL with shareholder diffusion.
Showing that QCL and Z had a common ancestor (not Calderon's original manuscript, since they share errors), to which Z (despite many defects) was the closer, he argued convincingly that Z represents a first La vida written by Calderon and sold for performance earlier than 1630, and QCL a revision by the dramatist himself.
The suppliers, QCL Ltd of Riverside, Forest Row Business Park, Forest Row, East Sussex, tel:0134 282 0820, tell us that Turbo2 offers fast and accurate moisture determination in foods and many other products.
4 Infection type with stem rust race Line or parent HDG QCL TMPH 64/6 x LMPG-1 4 4 -2 [4.
The LaserTune incorporates one or more Mini-QCL, having QCL chips that were custom designed for Block Engineering to tune over a wide wavelength range.
Overall intercartridge CV values of 13%, 25%, and 23% were obtained for QCL, QCM, and QCH samples, respectively, for Pompe assay and 24%, 23%, and 16% for Fabry assay over the 10-day study period.
Because of this fundamental difference, a QCL shows unique properties that a conventional laser lacks.