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QDAQuantitative Descriptive Analysis (statistics)
QDAQuantitative Data Analysis
QDAQuantity Discount Agreement
QDAQuick Defect Analysis
QDAQuadratic Discriminate Analysis
QDAQualified Dental Assistant
QDAQuestionnaire-Diagnosed Asthma
QDAQuality of Everyday Activities (cancer survey factor)
QDAQuetta Development Authority (Balochistan, Pakistan)
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The QDA initiative, held in collaboration with Aspire Academy, will bring together 55 children from 10 different countries, including Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Palestine, Oman, and Iraq.
The objectives of this study were to obtain the sensory profile and the acceptability of chocolates produced from two cocoa cultivars resistant to Moniliophtora perniciosa mould, compared with a conventional cultivar that is not resistant to the disease, using a methodology based on QDA and the acceptance test.
niloticus es la especie mayormente cultivada en Mexico y en el mundo (Fitzsimmons y Gonzalez, 2006), por lo que el objetivo de este estudio fue el de evaluar el crecimiento de la tilapia del Nilo alimentada con una inclusion de 10% de QDA en la dieta comercial, bajo las mismas condiciones experimentales usadas en trabajos previos con crias de O.
The Blanket Decision thus exempts persons conducting dealer or adviser activities involving Specified Derivatives from the registration requirements of the QDA provided such activities are conducted exclusively with AIs.
2%), however with regard to vector 1, they improve significantly when using QDA (2.
The QDA proved superior and achieved an overall misclassification rate of about 1 to 2 percent.
Ian Dey of Edinburgh University explores the development of a wide range of software useful in QDA.
QDA is appropriate when, as in the current data, this condition does not hold but instead requires estimating a large set of parameters.
Because the QDA technique provided qualitative information, the dairy company could use the information to formulate a creamier product with better flavor.
The question of how the soul inheres in the body is first addressed as such in QDA 2.
Global manufacturers can now better capture critical manufacturing KPIs from Apriso's unified data model and implement SPC and QDA not only for quality monitoring, but also to trigger faster response and corrective actions through Apriso's native Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities.