QDMAQuality Deer Management Association (Bogart, GA)
QDMAQuad-Division Multiple Access
QDMAQuantitative Debris Monitor Mission Alert
QDMAQuick Direct Memory Access
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If the habitat is poor, fawns just don't have anywhere to hide, so they are certainly more vulnerable to predation," noted QDMA Education and Outreach Specialist Kip Adams.
Despite growing calls for tighter regulations or even an outright ban on captive deer operations by the QDMA and other conservation groups.
According to the QDMA, the summer of 2012 had the second worst hemorrhagic disease outbreak of all time.
Michigan doesn't have large parcels of land that the trophy-rich states of Iowa, Illinois and Kansas have, but many of the farming communities are forming QDMA co-ops where neighbors are forming a pact and adhering to standards that result in a healthier deer herd.
Amazingly, the QDMA reports there were five states in 2012 where at least 45 percent of all bucks killed were 3 years old or older--Texas (67 percent), Oklahoma (66 percent), Arkansas (65 percent), Louisiana (59 percent on DMAP properties) and Kansas (45 percent).
No other group has helped sway hunter attitudes and wildlife agency management decisions more than the leaders and members of QDMA.
Just some of what I learned and experienced at the 2014 QDMA national convention.
QDMA says at this age and beyond it becomes almost impossible for anybody but a biologist or studied hunter inspecting a dead buck's teeth to determine the buck's age on the hoof.
The DVD can be purchased separately and is also being offered as a free gift to anyone purchasing a new, $30 QDMA annual membership.
He was much larger than I had thought, but until I brought him to the QDMA clubhouse, where they measured him, I didn't know how big.
With the exception of the QDMA and a few state wildlife agencies, few people can argue with my statement.