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QEHBQueen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (UK)
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Mike Hammond, chief executive at QEHB Charity said: "The hospital treats injured military personnel, many of whom were injured in Iraq an Afghanistan and who continue to return to the hospital for more surgery, as well as personnel who are ill with cancer, liver disease or other illnesses.
The statement, issued by the NHS Trust which runs the QEHB, added: "The hospital extends its sympathies to the family.
org/shop/featured-products/parachute-jump-deposit/ or call QEHB Charity on 0121 371 4852 for more information.
13 has so far been donated to a dedicated fund within the QEHB Charity, which was set up soon after Malala arrived in Birmingham on October 15.
QEHB has rather re-opened parts of the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital site in Edgbaston to meet demand.
Education Centre manager Gillian Atkinson won the competition and chose to donate the money to the QEHB charity for the liver unit.
clinical expertise in treating trauma patients and military casualties, QEHB has been designated both a Level 1 Trauma Centre and host of the UK's only PS20m National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre.
The QEHB Charity relies heavily on public donations.
The operations lasted a total of five hours and Malala will continue her recuperation as an inpatient at the QEHB until she is well enough to be discharged".
Rev Richard Wharton, chaplaincy team leader at QEHB, said: "The installation of the mihrab is significant because it highlights the recognition by the Trust that the honouring of different peoples' spiritual and religious traditions is fundamental to developing person-centred care and clinical excellence.
Donations may be sent to QEHB Charities c/o Thomas Bragg and Sons, 1682 High Street, Knowle, West Midlands, B93 0LY.
Antony Cobley, health and wellbeing lead at QEHB, said: "This is another fantastic achievement for the project which has grown from strength to strength in such a short space of time.